June 24, 2013

Nice is Relative!

I live in Redding, CA.

It is June 24th and I am wearing a sweatshirt and levi's.

This is nice.

It is very early Monday morning. I jump out of bed. Vacuum, mop the floor in the kitchen and dining room, fold the towels and load a couple of stray dishes from last night in the dishwasher.

I take my dog, Rex, outside for a little bit of throw-me-the-toy.

I fill a tall glass with water and a little bit of green tea, grab a book, light a couple of candles (cuz I am an old hippy and love the smell of sandlewood). Now I am going to sit on a lounge in my backyard and read.

That is nice.

Ding-dong goes the doorbell!  Really? 8 a.m. Monday Morning and you are at my door?

I appreciate that my soul is your priority and that I am at the top of your Monday to-do list but puhleeeese...back away from the door before someone gets hurt...go home.....stay there!

No, I don't want you to read the bible to me.

No, I don't want to know what Watch Tower has to say about anything let alone whether we should pray to Saints?

Yes, I know, that was not nice.

I don't, really don't, want to be rude, but LEAVE ME ALONE!

Obviously, you haven't read my previous blog and you don't know that I am the Mean Girl!

Next Monday I am going to get naked, cover my face with ashes and draw an upside down pentacle on my naked chest with said ashes. When you knock at the door, I am going to greet you with a giant grin and cheer, "Yeah! Another volunteer for the pyres of sacrifice!"

Bring extra undies, I think you're going to need them.

That was not nice either, but I couldn't help myself....and behold, I am in a good mood again...

Now, that is nice!

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  1. You go, girl!
    I'm fighting with the church around the corner whose congregants think it's okay to bring twenty bums to live in the basement in a neighborhood with lots of little children. You gotta love religionists.


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