August 14, 2013

Stage Left

Isn't it funny, how so many times the best stuff happens "off stage"?

My family has a history of being involved with theater. As kids, we participated in the San Jose Metropolitan Operetta Guild, in fact, my mother was one of the founders.

In high school, my siblings and most of our best friends participated in drama or music, or, quite frankly, were just Hams; talented Hams!

Of course, the production was always of primary purpose. I have to tell you though, the best, the funniest, the most dramatic situations, always happen off stage. Sometimes the action is a mere 6 inches out of the audience's sight but can cause tears in our eyes from the necessary but silent gut- wrenching laughter from observers and participants.

Now, my family didn't leave theatrics to the stage. Theatrics is in our DNA.  Each generation has it's "star"! Someone who is always ON!  My sister, Sherree, is always the one who makes us laugh, even to this day. Infamous for some sort of action just out of the sight of the majority of others in a room, an office or the street, she will make you laugh so hard you could and probably will pee. The best and funniest antics is always at a time when decorum or reverence is typically required. You, of course, look like an idiot or a person completely lacking in human dignity when you grab your crotch to hold the pee in and giggle while everyone around you is sniffling or kneeling or just plain staring!

She often breaks into song, complete with choreography; she would short sheet the Pope or the Queen of England is allowed a moment or two of unsupervised time.

My grandchildren have announced that Alaina is the Aunt-Sherree-of-their-generation!  She does not disappoint, she completely lives up to the title!

She is constantly singing, dancing or setting someone up!

In have 6 granddaughters. In the picture above, only 5 can be seen. I caught the picture of them watching stage left. When I turned the camera to record the action, Alaina was standing, innocently, just standing, staring off into the sky.  When I asked the girls what had Alaina been doing, the response was a timed chorus:

"Oh Nothing!"

I guess you've just got to be there. I'm glad they have an Auntie-Sherrio-type. Every generation needs one!


  1. A girl could do worse than to emulate Auntie Sherrio!

  2. Love love love! I should be so lucky to be classified in any "class" with that incredibly awesome Girl!! She IS the Captain of America!!


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