October 27, 2013

Not Just A little Bit

I've been so thrilled for the past two weeks. The readership of this blog has soared.

One of my posts received 686 views, another 728 and the latest one on Trust had 128 views! 

Comments were still few but at least I was being read....

I love to write, it's almost an addiction. The writing is prime but it also feels so good to be read.

Well, color me stupid!

I haven't made the time lately to check the "big picture" of stats.  Today, I ventured past "Overview" and looked at "Traffic Sources".....excuse me while I puke.....! Shouldn't I feel better after spilling my guts?

I clicked on one of the referring sources.....PORN!  I clicked on one of the referring URLs.....More PORN!


I want to pressure wash my blog, right after I get out of the shower.

Do I make my blog invite only?

Do I sent a note to the NSA that it was by accident that I opened those two sick sites?

Do I close the blog and call it a nice run?

1 comment:

  1. For mine, I've tried very hard not to include terms that would serve as metatags but you never know. Sometimes I think I'd like to have a 'big' blog and other times I'm sure I don't want the headaches. Your blog should have many thousands of views. And not from creepers.


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