May 06, 2014

Oh, No!!!

Lately I have been noticing a trend in my life that is causing me a little angst!

My three kids were born when I was very young. I was always (ALWAYS) the youngest mother in classrooms, field trips, PTA meetings, graduations!

My kids left home. Without a stick to measure it, thoughts about my age just disappeared. Poof, gone.

About six weeks ago, I was asked by the priest at church to join a certain group. So, I went to the first meeting. When I walked in one of my first thoughts was, "Wow, there are only old people here!"

I accompanied my husband to a meeting shortly after that. As I looked around, I realized that the room was filled with old people.

A couple of friends and I went out for breakfast early one morning. Glancing across the tables, the thought occurs to me that we are really out of place...the restaurant is filled with old people!

One Sunday morning, we got to church early...the pews are filled with old people. I guess "old people" get to church early!We attended Mass on a Saturday evening because we were leaving town early got it....old people everywhere you looked.

Holy Thursday they were 14 altar servers with lighted candles and old people, old people old people.

Typically, I am pretty quick but there are times.....

"Why do I seem to be finding myself surrounded by old people?" I asked myself.

"Self!" My self answered, "Look up the word: peers!"

Some epiphanies are better un-epiphanied!

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