January 04, 2017

Right Now Wednesday

Susan at Color Me Writing has come up with Right Now Wednesday. It sounds fun to see what everyone is up to. Play along!

Drinking: Vanilla Almond tea that my daughter-in-law gave me. Ooooooh, yum!

 Reading: Rise Of The Rocket Girls by Nathalia Holt, about the women (not girls) who worked on the space program.

Watching: We had a huge dead tree cut down in the backyard last week. We called it Big Ugly. I'm blown away by how much sky is visible, how much light is in the house and how much privacy we lost. Who knew Big Ugly had his good points!

Listening: Sarah Mclachlen CD, "Closer". Again, Yum!

Creating: As soon as I'm finished procrastinating on Blogger, I have to finish the quilt I am making for Kassie, who is due to be born in 4 days! Better get on it!

Planting: Ideas for the new year...mostly, purge, purge, purge.

Buying:  Buying? Really? I should be selling. I'm not even going to buy groceries. If it isn't in the pantry or fridge, than we don't need it. 

Dropping:  Anxiety and fear and excuses. Gonna try, anyway!

Wrapping: Wrapping up all the paperwork to get our taxes done ASAP.

Anticipating: My birthday. I've decided that I will start celebrating my birthday today and continue through the 24th. Actual birthday is the 18th but I'm going to make 66 the new 29!  I'm doing it big. My wish list: Every day someone will find a book (or two) on my bookshelves to take home with them to love.

Baking:  Me? Oh, Susan, I love your sense of humor!



  1. You never miss the Big Ugly 'til the Big Ugly is gone.

  2. drinking: diet sprite

    reading: blogs

    watching: my cats eat their dinner

    listening: classical music

    creating: actually unknitting 2 rows of a scarf cause I made an error

    planting, buying, dropping, wrapping, baking: nothing

    anticipating: blogger friend visits this year!

    1. You were so much more honest about 'reading'! I posted the book I am currently reading, but honestly, I was catching up on blogs!

  3. I love that you called your tree Big Ugly. -Jenn

    1. Nicest name we could think of!!!


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