June 08, 2017

What About You

Yesterday I was sitting in a waiting room; magazines were all a hundred years old. Almost bored to tears, I decided to clear my IPhone of ancient stuff.

As I cleared my 'Notes' which frankly consisted mostly of grocery lists and things to take my folks in 2015 and 2016, this little item jumped out.

An article, Mille Femmes, from the March 2016 edition of Good Housekeeping, which I probably read in some other waiting room. The note I have asks,

"How do you see yourself in one single word?"

"Is there one single moment of your life that encapsulates your core being?"

Wheels started turning.

Then, this morning on Facebook, Janis Ian asks this question?

Let's send some happy energy to dear old Socrates and practice a little self-examination.

For me:

Single word: Mother

I choose 'Mother' because it is not just a word, there is a depth to it, a meaning that does not just relate to my relationship with my three children, but to the world.


Many years ago, sitting in the kitchen at the ranch, my friend asked me a question. I didn't have an answer. I don't even recall the question, but I do remember walking down to one of the dams to think.

Sitting on a large stone, looking out at the valley, a small village appeared where there were only cows and oaks. The village kind of vibrated in and out of vision, each time it appeared it was a little different. In between appearances, the valley itself changed, evolved.

I'm not sure how long I sat there but I was overcome with the knowledge that linear Time really is just an illusion. I have (rarely) been able to astral travel but never forward or backward in time, only to other places experiencing a horizontal time. (Yes, I have had my medication today!)  The feeling that 'All' was happening at the same 'time' was overwhelming, if not happening at the same time, at least past and future events were accessible.

Encapsulating my core being? Yes, my friends, you can answer, 'WooWoo'!

Now, having written that, I am sure I will never qualify for a concealed weapons permit, or to run for public office.  Crap!

How old would I be if I didn't know how old I am?

As old as the universe, an infant and, oh, let's say 41!

So, before the guys with the white jacket get here, share with us your single word, single moment and your inner age!


  1. Today I feel as old as the universe, tomorrow, I am hoping to return to my favorite age of 50 when I was at my best.

    1. Having followed your blog for awhile now, I think you are always at your best.

  2. Single Word = Feminist. It has shaped my life and every good thing in it.

    Single Moment = When the penny FINALLY dropped and I understood that I am a lesbian. That's when all the crazy, lumpy, ill-fitting jigsaw pieces of my life immediately fit together. I'll never ever forget that moment of epiphany.

    How Old Am I Inside? I'm convinced that I'm aging backwards. I intend to do a blog post on it sometime. When I was young, I was old and now that I'm old, I am young. I think I'm in my teens at the moment.

    1. Debra, Beautiful! Feminist is powerful but not a lot of people get the beauty of equality and female energy. Sucks to be them!

      Bravo for being Out and young at heart!

  3. Some days I feel like a teenager. Other days my body says "don't kid yourself" :) But most of the time I feel relatively young. At least in spirit! A sense of humour really helps.

    1. Thank the angels in heaven for humor, without it I am sure I would be serving several life terms (without parole) by now.


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