September 12, 2017

To Do List

The old To-Do List is only slightly whittled down.

I finished antiquing and waxing two tables. I didn't get to bathroom cabinets, only because I couldn't make a final decision on colors. I'm leaning towards grey but the bohemian in me is resisting.

The tables are done. First layer of Finishing Wax was natural, then used Dark Finishing Wax to give it a little age.

I love the look of both. Just enough dark to take the edge off of the glaringly flat look of chalk paint. A little bit of age and a little bit of satiny glow.

I was so overcome with enthusiasm to take photos that I didn't tuck away any of the electrical cords. Oh well, my photographic skills are not in interiors!!!

My little octopus table looks washed out in photo but it does have the look of aging.  I'm ordering a thick shelving glass top for it. Neither Frank nor I can be trusted to use coasters. We try but why take chances.

Today's list: Visit parents, swim.  Bathroom cabinets will have to wait. Frank is taking me out to dinner and a movie tonight. Sadly, no wine with dinner.

Tomorrow a torn rotator cuff and torn tendon will be repaired. I will be sent home with a great excuse to kick back and read, guilt free!

Life is good!


  1. I love the colours of both these tables. Such fun shades.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Your repainted end tables are terrific! Have fun tonight and best wishes for tomorrow!

  3. Tables look great! I used to like refinishing old was very relaxing, also got a bit of a buzz from the stripper stuff.

  4. wow, good luck!!! Hope you heal quickly!

  5. Hello. I have just found your blog and wanted to say that I hope everything went well. I love how you 'did up' the tables. I keep looking at a little corner shelf that I made a million years ago. A coat of paint would give it a new lease of life

  6. you capturing is perfect like your mindblowing humor my dear!

    hope your surgery will go fine and you will recover soon .
    heartiest best wishes and prays for you my dear friend!


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