May 29, 2011

A Random Thought.....Rutabaga! Seriously?

Rutabaga...root bag! Isn't that what you would call your little brother when he has annoyed the hell out of you for the million-teenth time?  How could this be something you would want to invest time in cooking let alone putting it on your plate or serving it to company?

Poor vegetable. It not only has one of the worst names but it looks bruised and beaten. It is a cross between cabbage and a turnip....really? God, were you really tired the day you invented the rutabaga?  You even hid the poor thing underground!

In Scotland this root bag is called a "neep" and in England (hold the respect) it is a "snaggers". Yum...not!
But then, the Brits call beets "mangelwurzel"!

 Uh...please pass the carrots!


  1. It all sounds a little complicated to me?

    I agree with you.... pass the carrots :-)

  2. OK now you did it. I am going to have to get some and see how bad they really are.

    Your little brother,

  3. I will NEVER try a rutabaga. They just look rude!
    There, I said it!


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