May 07, 2011

When Our President Said, "I Did It"

One of my friends changed her status on Facebook. "Bin Ladin is dead."

What? I ran to the living room where my husband was reading the newspaper.  I turned on the tv and, wow, it was everywhere. Depending on what channel we watched the story was different.  I remember when I was a kid and watched the news, it seemed that news had to be confirmed before it was reported, but today, any rumor is reported as factual. the clowns that report the news were reporting it all,  "Huge shoot out," "Been dead for over a week" etc.

The President comes to the screen. He confirms that, finally, Osama Bin Ladin, the evil architect of 9/11 is dead.Was killed just hours earlier. In his speech he used the word "I" several times.  The final order to "Go" came from him. Ultimately, the decision to kill OBL came from our President.  The Ultimate responsibility was President Obama's.

Oh the backlash!  "he's taking credit, must be an election year," "boy is our president taking all the glory," everything from A to Z.

Then came the confirmation of Bin Laden's death from Al Qaeda and with that confirmation came the promises of retaliation and revenge. 

When our president stepped onto that platform and said, "I did it" he knowingly placed a huge target on himself and his family.  Could you do that? If you had two precious little daughters and a beautiful wife who have to live in the world, would you get on national tv and announce to the bad guys that you are responsible for killing their leader?

Would you be prepared to carry that target for the rest of your life?  Al Qaeda is an extremist terrorist group. We all know what they are capable of.  Do you have the courage to do what Mr. Obama did?

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