May 26, 2013

I Digress

This I know to be true, I digress! Ask anyone. Oddly, I do not suffer from ADD (at least I have never been diagnosed) but if I am telling a story I will often get around to the invention of the wheel, roots of trees, dogs shedding profusely in summer and daffodils before I reach the point of the story! I rarely, if ever, say "Squirrel" but speaking of squirrels, there is one in the Monterey Pine dropping pinon seeds in our pool!

My blog has sat idle for a couple of days because I have been way-layed much like my stories! My grandson got his own house and moved out...empty nest again and all my husband can think of is that he can run naked through the house again!  My laptop went kaput....again....don't get me started on Toshiba!  Taking care of Mom and Dad and trying to support a good friend who is going through some pretty miserable health issues (I told him 45 years ago that smoking was bad for him but he thought it was cool).  End of the school year so there are concerts, programs and May is an incredible month for birthdays...remind me to take out a loan next April for May celebrations.

And (never start a sentence with And, But or Therefore) my husband and I started a new photo blog called Humans of Shasta County.  I spent several days proving to myself that my html skills are severely lacking, in fact, lacking enough that the word "skills" is a tremendous stretch of the imagination!  Started the blog but will be fine tuning.

I have also decided to go back to school. Inspired by a friend, who is just a couple of years younger than me, he has returned to college to get his BA or BS, not sure which. I have enough transferable credits but I am 62. Really am not looking forward to owing $48,000 in student loans at the age of 70 (of course, if I die shortly thereafter it would be hard to reposses the knowledge!). I did some digging and found that I can attend Chico State with a program called Elder Education or Senior School or some hokey-pokey kind of name. It is a program designed "just for gaining knowledge" and no degree will be presented to me upon completion, though I don't intend for there to be a completion until I have attended each class that interests me, that would include all of Sociology, Social Sciences, Psychology, Biology, Geography and some History...notice the complete absence of anything mathematical! I can attend any number of classes a semester for a mere fee of $60!

I am going to create some neuro-highways!

So, the reason for my post today, though I have digressed, as promised and unavoidable, is to inform the world that today my wonderful husband and I have been married for 29 years! I love him very much. He is kind, sincere, ethical and a smart-ass which I find very appealing!  We decided to get married because we both don't like mustard, as young people are wont to do, but somehow we have made it work

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