February 18, 2014

Concrete Wall

Whoa!   Did anyone see that truck!!!

Yeah, it's an old expression but it is so accurate in this case.

It was a BIG truck, the cab was probably matte black with dirty black frosted windows.  The trailer most likely a throbbing neon green; open sides like that of your typical livestock haulers, complete with you-know-what clinging to the sides.

The open sides oozed viruses and really bad cold germs. The back of the truck probably even had a sign that read:

Breathe Deep
Enough For Everyone!

It hit me and it hit me hard.

Have you ever been so sick you were afraid you were going to die and afraid you weren't going to die? Everything hurts; muscles, throat, head, teeth and hair. 

Good news, I'd bet that my core is getting a great workout with the coughing. I can probably lift a small Buick with my abdominal muscles.  A couple more days of hacking I could not only lift the Buick but I'd be able to flip it!

Bad news, head hurts too bad to read...proof that Satan invented colds and flu as torture. Laying in bed with nothing to do but sneeze, hack and speed race to the closest bathroom and the sight of a page with typed words heads you back to that bathroom, especially since you just tried drinking that chicken soup with the tiny noodles. Is it just me or do those little pieces of pasta spell out WTF and YOU'LL BE ZORRY?

Going to hit the hot shower one more time, deep breathe the steam to clear the pipes and cook my skin. 

p.s. thank you, God, for Vicks! It doesn't do much good for the illness but it sure keeps family away! 
p.p.s. please, forgive me for whatever happens to the next person that says, "damn, you don't look so good!"

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