February 05, 2014


My husband has Wednesday's off. Wednesday is Our day.

We sleep in, usually only to 8:30 because it is always (and I mean ALWAYS) at least one phone call from work by 8:30 that is some emergency that can't wait until 9:00 let alone Thursday. He actually will receive no less than 3 phone calls from work, so technically, it really isn't Our day, as in him and me, but  Our day, as in him, me and the crew where he works.

Dang, sorry about the rant....don't know how that happened! My intention was to relate a wonder-filled moment in the day.

Every Wednesday we try to make it all about us, sharing time, sharing an activity, having a conversation that is deeper than, "How was your day?" and "That was a good dinner!"

We will load up the cameras and lenses and filters, try really hard to remember at least one tripod; not always successful. Some days we head off to Movies 8 for a matinee.  Only $1 each and that, my friends, fills Frank with unending joy!

Today we went to the movies. Sci-Fi, not one of my favorite genre's but he has graciously accompanied me to some seriously deep, think-about-it movies lately, so I figured one little aliens-attacking-the-world-and-losing-badly film wouldn't hurt.

We settle in, he with his popcorn, me with a soda. There are the fight scenes, the laser guns blasting, explosions, huge ships in space, death, you know, the usual science fiction faire.

The camera pans out from the space ship. We can still see little flares of laser blasts. The camera pans out further. The curved horizon of the big blue marble enters stage right.

The space battleship becomes a small speck as Earth fills the scene. The blue oceans, the bodies of land, the waves and spirals of clouds.

My heart leaped from the passive observer mode to the nurturing mother channel. I wanted to reach out and cradle our planet in my arms. It felt as if Earth was a small, lost child in need of love. My eyes filled with tears!

Yes! Me, crying in the middle of a science fiction movie!  My heart torn like a mother who's baby had just been pulled from her grasp.

I have been known as a hippie-peace-freak and have been labeled bohemian many, many times. Yes, I do hug trees but only the ones that need hugging. You know I care about the environment because I always recycle the aluminum cans and plastic bottles!  And (gently tapping my chin as I try to think of anything else I do to help the planet)...uh....that's about it. No, wait, I don't litter and I am against whale hunting and killing baby seals...in a passive kind of way. 

Shame on me!

The earth, the water, the air; they spoke to me today. They need love. They need support. They are crying out for our awareness...I heard the cries today.

You can count on me, Earth, I heard you. Thank you for taking such good care of me. Now it is my turn to take care of you

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