February 25, 2017

Painting Brick

Buy the supplies, scrub the brick, scrub it again. Sweep all the dust and bits of grout off the floor.

Struggle between spouses about color. I mean, how many shades of white can there be? Frank wants warm white. I want cool white. He has about 4 ounces of fat on his body so wants warm colors in the house.

On the other hand, I want cool colors because our living and family rooms have large south and west facing windows and we live in Redding where a 98 degree day can be a 'cooling trend'!

We found a middle of the road ivory.

On to the painting. I'm not working, so I am going to paint. We discuss how to proceed and decide to use a 4 inch brush for the rough bricks and a 1 inch brush for getting into the grout. Two days of painting...two frickin' days and I only have one side "sort of" done. My shoulder also feels like it is going to explode.

During a much needed break, I decided to look up 'how to paint a brick fireplace' on You-Tube and discovered two things. Painting a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace, one should use a big 3/4" fluffy roller and that my skinny husband and I are stupid! Really stupid.

God bless You-tube. I will never do another DIY project without a thorough perusal of You-Tube.

Off to town to pick up a roller and a bottle of Merlot.

p.s. just the white of the masonry primer already makes the room so much lighter!

Also got a tall beautiful redwood tree to take the place of Big Ugly. Can't wait to plant it!


  1. pick up several bottles of merlot and one roller.

  2. I second Anne Marie.
    That's how I've always painted!

    1. Today the painting will be done ala Anne Marie and Bob! Merlot, Pandora (Mumford and Sons station).

      Wine will have to wait until I re-tape, thought. Roller splatter is much wider than previously expected brush splatter!

  3. Just get drunk and hire someone to do the painting. That would be my approach.

    1. I'd have to drink cheap wine if I hire someone! Some things are just not worth it!!

  4. HAHAHA! Sorry for laughing but your post did make me smile. Especially about the warm and cool colors. My husband and I are the same. I like cool and he likes warm. We end up somewhere in between. I'm reading this post a few days later, so here's hoping that you're much further along!

  5. It is funny! A lot of times he cant' envision the completed project so he just shrugs his shoulders and tells me to make it happen! Free license is a good thing!


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