November 22, 2017

Still Missing In Action

Sorry everyone for my somewhat extended absence; not from my blog but from visiting and commenting on your wonderful sites. I miss you all.

My brother told me that shoulder surgery was the most painful pain and he is so right. It hurts to sit up at the computer and type. I still can't lift more than two pounds...ever seen a two pound turkey? Me, neither.

A couple of family emergencies have caused a wee bit of havoc. Husband knew that we had a pulley for my physical therapy at home.  Rather than spend the $12 to buy a new one, he completely emptied the coat closet into the living room. We found it but all I can say is Oh My God!  Explosion! I desperately want to purchase a role of police crime-scene tape in the entry!

In defense of Frank, he has been a godsend. I actually threatened him about putting any of the 6000 pounds of stuff back into the closet. About 5980 pounds is getting tossed...Note to my beloved children: The three boxes of cassettes from the eighties and nineties are out of here if they are not claimed by December 31, yes, even Doctor Demento!

Any way, friends, range of motion is coming back good, taking my six ginormous Collagen pills every single day but throbbing pain has me grounded.

I do have some awesomely good news.

Our granddaughter, Three, performed for the Veteran's Day Commemoration at the Reagan Presidential Library. We drove down to attend. Incredibly brilliant day, so proud of her and her high school band. The next day, her band attended two band tournaments and were outstanding. Made enough points to join in the Regionals! Go Highlanders!

On the way home from Southern California, we stopped at the Sacramento Airport and picked up granddaughter Two. She flew in from Massachusetts. Don't know if she really missed up or was just missing the warmer weather.  She is marvelous and so much fun.

Our two local granddaughters, Four and Six, have come to visit, sleepovers, song fests and games.  We even had our great-granddaughter one night for sleep over.

Six and Two knew the words to every single Disney song from every animated cartoon since Pinocchio!
More good news: Granddaughter Four's high school just won their first championship game since 1988. Son-in-law, Coach Brian, has this incredible knack for turning football teams around. This year, the university he is coaching at, (his first year there) his team won the first championship game in 138 years, maybe 136! Division 1 schools, this man is worth his weight in gold!

Bad news, my grandson had an accident on his motocross bike. He ripped up his knee down to the bone. Pretty ugly. Not enough skin left over to suture it, so he has some elastic type stitches just to hold remaining skin in place and encourage growth to cover wound. Guess who's getting those shin guard thingies for Christmas?  Three weeks off of work!

Time for exercises. Ready? One...Two...Three...Wince!


  1. My man had two knees replaced and he says they we nothing compared to his shoulder surgery. Feel better soon💜

  2. c'mon back! we miss you! but don't overdue it too soon! happy stuff-yourself-silly-day!

  3. Sorry to hear that the throbbing shoulder pain is still clipping your wings, so to speak, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the long run! Your grandkids rock! And your son-in-law too -- first championship in 138 years??? Give that man a raise!

  4. That shoulder pain sounds awful. I hope you feel much better soon. We miss you but don't come 'round until you're good to go! LOL

  5. I feel for you. I truly hope the pain starts to go away soon. You have lots going on in your life right now. You must be so proud of all of your family members. (Yikes, that knee accident sounds horrible, though). -Jenn

  6. I truly miss you Toni!
    i can feel your misery with this terrible pain and hope and pray that May you find your health back soon ,amen

    Congratulations for your wonderful gd 's victory!
    sleepover is really fun thing and reminded me lots at my aun's home ,so much life and vibration in the house ,sorry for you grandson's accident hope he is fine and recovering speedily

  7. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
    Thanks for sharing


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