March 26, 2013

Gratitude Journal Intermission

I can't remember feeling this whole and wonderful in a really long time. It appears psycho-therapy really is a powerful exercise in well-being.

Notice the hyphen on psycho-therapy. It is purposeful. I really did feel psycho.

A couple months of sitting across from this loving, powerful, intelligent woman has done wonders for me.  My insurance isn't going to pay for it and I couldn't care less. ( Screw you, Blue Shield, you are pretty worthless anyway.)

Talking and sharing with my wonderful shrink has been priceless.  She has helped me recognize my strength, my gifts, my value and values. She has helped me recognize my boundaries and, in some cases, my lack of boundaries.

We met this afternoon and I feel as if I just climbed Mt. Shasta and launched myself off the summit with a wonderfully colorful hangglider and I am soaring the mountain tops and valleys.  I've done the work....I'm doing the work.

Remember that bottle of toxic yuck filled to the top and corked?  Well, it is uncorked and there is a clear space at the top for coping. Coping space! Yay for me.

Funny thing about clearing the bottle out a little, recognizing some of the toxins and shrugging off some of the unnecessary tension is that my knee is even better! Again....Yay for me!

I can look in a mirror at this moment and see more than I have ever seen. There is a depth to the reflection that was missing for years. The reflection has some missing pieces, some missing people, some missing beliefs and some new pieces, new beliefs and a couple of vacancies for new experiences, new people, new adventures.  I am ready.

As a result, I am going to restart my gratitude journal. Each day I will make a list at the bottom of each post of the things I am thankful for. My gratitude will be drawn from the mundane, for it is the things of everyday life that make life so precious. One of my Archetypes is the Magician and there will be days that will be filled with magic and numinous events but those days will be mine and, quite possibly too precious or filled with wonderment to share, we will see.

Today, March 26, 2013 I am filled with gratitude for Dr. Patricia Bay, Dr. Brene Brown and petri dishes.
I am thankful for music, each drop of rain, and dancing.
I am thankful for light and truth, for boundaries and Alice.

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