November 01, 2013

Found A Stash

#nablopomo is a BlogHer challenge to write something daily on your blog. they give you prompts and everything!  Cool, huh!

I would definitely take the challenge but I have promised myself (and all the gods and goddesses that care about that sort of thing) that I would write at least two hours a day on my book.  In my "old" procrastination days (who are we kidding) I would have taken the challenge just to avoid working on the book.  You see I have Authority Issues, even when the authority is my own mind!

Several of my blog buddies did post interesting thoughts about today's prompt: "If you found a million dollars cash this morning and had to spend it all before evening, what would you do with it?"

First I would run to my room to take a shower and change clothes because I know I would have pee'd my pants.

Before I was even dry, I would call each of my kids and ask them to call their mortgage companies for payoff totals. I would get our payoff total and, viola! We would be mortgage-less!

I am pretty sure that that covers a big chunk out of the million dollars but I would still have some small change left.

Next I would tell my grandson to go find a new car, something with a rear-end that would make drifting difficult and could easily carry two large dogs.

I would buy round trip tickets for my niece to Aukland, New Zealand, send a money order to pay her tuition for the school she wants and then pay for six months on a nice little three bedroom house near the college.  (I would, of course, purchase tickets for my sister, my husband and myself to go and visit my niece).

All long as I have the airlines on the phone I would also purchase tickets for my husband and I to Spain, Italy, Belize, Costa Rica.

I would purchase two cars for my oldest granddaughter who is just learning to drive.  First car would
be a 2000 Chevy Suburban. After two years of no accidents or traffic citations, she can have the keys to the shiny, new VW Bug she wants so desperately.

Next, I would reserve and pay for a large lodge near Yellowstone for a week and flights for the whole family.  I would also reserve a large lodge near Zion National Park and tickets for the whole family. I would make sure the two trips weren't consecutive weeks so we still like each other after the trips.  I would reserve bikes, quads, and order several boxes of steaks to be delivered to lodges.

I think I would have just enough left for a couple of $1000 gift cards to Dutch Bros coffee house (1 for me, 1 for my daughter-in-law) and a $1000 gift card for Starbucks for my daughter.

Do I have time left or money? If so, I would buy some silk pajamas and a really, really good bra!

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