January 08, 2018

Fair Warning

Remember 'The Plan" that sister, The Guy, and I had for folks? Remember the really good "attitude" I promised to have?

Out the window...Bam!

Horrible day. Started with Mom throwing a huge, loud wrench in the plan. It was ugly.

I talked with Sister, with Dad (3 times), with Mom and finally, with the Guy.

I ended up not going down to see them, but the guilt of not going to rescue my dad is overwhelming. He wants to be rescued but won't allow himself to be rescued. Last call to him was sad; he has resigned himself to continue to be a hostage.

Not a good day, all in all.

I would say that my mood is pretty foul. Good news is, I am alone with the dogs, getting some work done. Work is an excellent distraction, but still...

So, The Guy texts me. He is going to go grocery shopping after work and wants me to text him a list of what I need.

I tap out a list and woosh, text it to him.

List includes lots of veggies for juicing, ingredients for soups (it's winter, so big pots of soup).

Three minutes later, he texts me back:  One of the items on list with '?'  Beef Bones! Simple.

I text him back. "For bone soup for collagen for my shoulder and knee."

One minute later, he texts me about the item "Fresh Basil".

His text: "Fresh Basil? Are we out of dried basil?"

Hey, I was going to make him some Pho soup. Good Pho needs fresh basil.

I text back: "Forget the Basil"

He texts back: "No fresh basil?"

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...deep breath.

I text back: "I love you a whole bunch! Really I do! But I think that my mood right now is pretty...(yes, I threw in an f-bomb!). Just talked to Dad. So, if you don't want to get something on list, don't get it."  I even emojied a bright red heart at the end of text.

Now, we've been married for 34 years. You would think that he would know that text is fair warning, right?

 My phone rings! It's The Guy!

Have you seen the video on FB of someone feeding a polar bear through their kitchen window? Yeah! Crazy! Would you do that? If you wouldn't, then you probably wouldn't call me to argue about Fresh Basil! In fact, you should probably choose to feed that fluffy white teddy bear before dialing my number to argue/plead your case about Fresh Basil.

All I said was, "You asked for a list, I sent a list. If you don't want to get anything on the list, don't get it!"  He hung up on me!

Fair Warning

I truly hope The Guy picks up a couple of cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup because Pho has left the building.

Going to have a bottle of 805 and go to bed.

I can already feel a good attitude creeping back in and it smells a lot like dried basil!


  1. hahha

    reminded me movie "blast from the past" the "guy" seems with no knowledge haha

    i feel for you !

    hope and pray that your dad is doing fine and letting himself to be rescued (personal experience with parents being like stubborn child in this age)

    wishing you all the health ,peace and fresh soups throughout the new year my dear Toni!

    1. Better mood. Always looks better after some good sleep.

  2. Gee, I would’ve gotten the message. Loud and clear.

    Tomorrow’s a new day 💜

    1. Thank you! Seems most reasonable people would!

  3. I've been you, and Carlos has been the guy.

    It gets better.

  4. When my husband goes to the store with a list, there will always be at least two phone calls about the list. If it is a large list, it could be five. When I am rushing around trying to get things done, it is even more. Last week, I let out a scream and scared my daughter who was visiting. However, she understood, her husband does the same thing. I hate phones.

    1. Same story here, always at least one call! When my shoulder heals, I'm taking over grocery shopping.

  5. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you! And all concerned.

    1. Better!

      Now wish for me to win the lottery and I'll split it with you!

  6. after your visit to my blog today I came right back to see you, I am so glad I have. Your blog is like no other I have ever read,, its so honest, so raw, so real. Honestly,, why you stand by your mother I do not know,, your duty is done for her.You are an inspiration,, amazing!


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