December 21, 2012

Let It Snow

Good news! We woke up to snow this morning. Weird news, it only snowed in the back yard! Front lawn is green, back lawn is white! Could be the giant sycamore in the front yard prevented snow from reaching the ground but I prefer to think that our house is sitting on some sort of great divide.

I have yet to decide what great divide it is but will leave it to the universe to fill me in.

Put my Christmas tree up last night and a few of my Santas. I collect Santas of all shapes and sizes. There are elegant Santas and Foresty Santas, Wooden Santas and Velvety Santas, Santas fat and Santas tall, my oh my, I love them all. (Merry Christmas Dr. Suess)

Our tree was so sad standing in the stand on the driveway, skinny and short, a little on the scrawny side but not quite Charlie-Brownish. In the house with lights and ribbon and silk bulbs it is divine.
Could actually be divine or may be that my Welbutrin is kicking in. The door is actually decorated and I''m contemplating taking a few other decorations out of the box...maybe I'll wait to make that decision after Rex and I trip over to our local Dutch Bros and get our Kicker and Dog Biscuit.

I woke up really early this morning, checked out the tree, did a couple of little itsy-bitsy chores. I was watching the snow fall and thought what a wonderful morning to go back to bed, so I did. I climbed under the covers with glasses and good book.  I read and watched the snow flakes  through my bedroom window. Rex jumped up at the foot of the bed. Every 10 minutes or so I would move my toes under him and he would move and my little potato toes would be comfy warm where he had heated the bed.  Don't you just love dogs?

A woman can not live by books alone so I checked my Facebook. Wished my Katie a happy happy birthday and now am trying to decide if my Kicker should be pre or post shower.

Gratitude for the day. I am thankful for my daughter, she is a wonderful wise woman. Very insightful. I am thankful for Katie, she is precious and special. I am thankful for the snow in the back yard which is just a little tiny layer of white that my Colorado cousins would laugh their heads off that I even call it snow. I am thankful for my Colorado cousins...even the ones that are in California, New Mexico, Texas and Tennessee, though I call them all my Colorado cousins. I am thankful for the cousins that are still in Ireland, though I haven't met you and you don't really know that I exist.  I am thankful for warm socks, anti-inflammatories that work, nachos, and the chubby dog who warms my feet when I read in bed.

P.S. I am grateful for the depths of depression so that when you climb out of it you really can relish life for all its worth.

As for the great divide I can't come up with anything that rings true. I am not a believer of opposites and dualities, I am a student of spectrums, a believer of shades of grey and not black and white. So, dear readers, I suppose my house is sitting somewhere between snow and no snow, a little like me, somewhere between depression and contentment, somewhere between conservative and liberal, somewhere between wanting to get up and moving or jonesing to crawl back in bed and finish my book.

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