January 30, 2013

Award Night At School

Last night was  Honor Awards Night at 3 of our granddaughters' school. In the 6th and 7th grades there were so many awards that 7th grades awards were presented from 6-7p.m. and then 6th grade had their awards from 7-8.  Too many parents to fit in the auditorium at the same time and they have a beautiful, new auditorium that seats quite a few. So. two different programs were held.

We went to both and were very pleased to see our 6th and 7th grade granddaughters win awards.  In fact one of them won two. The things the teachers said about the students was awesome. It was a good night!

One of the math teachers told us all a story of what happened towards the end of the semester.

One day the math teacher  approached one of his students. "Hey, you are just a few points below passing. You really need to come to my after school math study this afternoon. I'll help you with some math and you can raise your grade. A couple of points and you won't fail."

"Can't" the student responded, "We're going to the movies."

The teacher went to his office. He called the student's parents. "You're son is failing math. If he comes to my math study group after school we might be able to help him get those few points he needs to pass."

"Can't" the parent responded, "We're going to the movies."

The teacher then announced to the students and families sitting in the auditorium, "Obviously, that student is not here tonight."

He congratulated the students and parents for their dedication to doing the work, getting it done.

We all applauded the students and then the parents who diligently monitor homework and reading.

My heart broke for the boy whose parents felt that the movies were more important than his education.

When you don't have someone who supports you, who does't help you believe in yourself or how important school is, it makes it so much harder the older you get. Your self esteem slowly slips away, your belief in yourself disappears.

Thank you to all you parents out there who help the kids, nurture and support them; help them feel good about themselves. Without self-esteem and self-worth, the climb to success is so much more difficult.

I am thankful for my grandchildren.
I am thankful for good teachers.
I am thankful that my children believe in their kids and push them to do their best.
I am thankful that when the kids reach a significant milestone, their parents congratulate them on a job well done.
I am thankful for this warm afternoons when I  layed on the quilt and pillows piled on the bed with Alaina, the sun shining through the open window, warming us up as we discussed life and books and songs.

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