January 23, 2013


Woke up night before last about 1 a.m. with a pounding headache. My stomach was on fire. Everthing hurt, even the air around me was in pain.

Spent yesterday in bed, except the trips to bathroom to get rid of jello, tea and water.  Vomiting really works those abs though.  May start a regimen of barfing 3 times a day until I can claim abs of steel!

Still pretty yucky, feel the hammer bashing my skull from the inside and all my muscles are alive and unhappy. Good news, my knee is now just one of the troops, they all hurt.

Missed my gratitude journal yesterday so need to double up today.

I am thankful for down pillows that can be scrunched up.
I am thankful for space heaters.
I am thankful for ibuprofen.
I am thankful for room temperature soup, tea and water.
I am thankful for my husband who takes good care of me.
I am thankful for something else but I can't remember what it is, so I am going back to bed.
Oh, yeah, I am thankful for sleep.

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