July 19, 2013

Half Past Early

One of my favorite things to do is jump out of bed before dawn. Jump in the car and drive east.

I like to find a vantage point where I can observe the eastern mountains take shape as the light gently appears behind them. The silhouette of a mountain range is glorious. Wakey, Wakey, Mountains!

This morning's sunrise did not disappoint. My pup, Rex, sat at attention, watching with me.

The air?  Motionless.

The surroundings? Serene.

Nocturnal beings had all returned to their daytime abodes; birds had not yet left the safety of their night time perches.

The gradient colors of the sky slowly shifting from dark purples to lilacs to oranges to and, finally, with one big burst from behind the mountain...blue!

Show over. We turn the car west, to home.  As I drive, I wonder what else is as affirmed as the sun rising every morning....

Potential. Abundance. Hope. Love. Dreams. Possibilities....oh, yes...and sunsets!

Where will you be at sunset?

Will you be watching?  Will you observe alone or with your arms around a loved one?  Will you stand at the side of a lake and skip rocks into the sunset?

Will you sit on the beach and listen to the waves accompany the sun's departure?

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