July 14, 2013

Oops! Getting Snarly

Snarly! Good word, though I am not sure it is a word....if it isn't it should be!

Snarly is how I'm feeling. I can feel the skin on my nose scrunched up and wrinkly, my upper lip is curled, showing those sharp canine teeth (actual word is cuspid, but it really lacks drama....there's no teeth in it, if you know what I mean).  There is a furrow between my eyes.  That sounds snarly to me!

I can't be nice and I can't want to be nice!

Seems that in the last week or so, I am focused on a lot of ugly, unfair stuff in the world!

There is an unending number of choices to make, right now, to change my focus and mood. I've narrowed them down to two:

1.   Blow stuff up....(too messy and I'd probably lose fingers which would really piss me off!).

2.  Go back to journaling gratitude....(what the hell! Just hanging around scowling anyway!).

I am thankful that when I snarl, my lips, nose and furrow don't stay that way like Mom said they would!

I am thankful I don't live in Florida, humidity, hurricanes and cockroaches the size of short stocky....wait, Toni...positive thoughts here!

I am thankful that Granddaughter One is awesome at softball and loves it.

I am thankful that Granddaughter Three quit softball because some of the adults around her made it not be fun. Stand your ground, Katie Rae!

I am thankful for whole wheat toast, red potatoes roasted in rosemary olive oil and fried eggs.

I am thankful for choices.

Snarly or Joyful.....hmm.

Let's take a closer look.

Snarly, according to Dictionary-dot-com, snarly is defined:

 1. an adjective, meaning knotty or tangled;                                    
 2. Snarl, a verb, to growl viciously
 3. Snarl, a vicious growl or facial expression

Joyful, let's stick with Dictionary.com:
1.glad, delighted.....bringing or causing delight.

Well, hell, I guess I'll choose Joyful.....but I am not making any promises!                                                     

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