July 05, 2013

Excellent 4th of July

We've been going to the same spot as a family unit to watch fireworks for about 6 or 7 years.

Wonderful spot for visual, across the river, away from the congestion of the civic center. Each year the fellow attendees get more questionable. We have young ones with us and really don't want to subject them to that "element!"

This year we debated off and on through the day where we would go to watch. Many good suggestions were tossed on the table.

In the final minutes before taking off to watch, the decision was made. My husband and I opted to stay home. We have our grandson's two puppies and our border collie and wanted to make sure they were okay. Our home is very close to the launch.

I turned on the television and discovered the NYC fireworks display. Fantastic. Music was excellent, fireworks glorious, but we were missing the explosive percussion we all love so much.

Only one way to resolve that issue. Every now and then one of us would smack the other one in the chest.

A little bruised this morning but, all in all, a very excellent evening!

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