July 23, 2013

What Do You Ache For?

Monday, as is typical, started with a little list of "to do" items.

Not many, write a letter, post office, make a couple of phone calls,  and continue on a research project. Rex, my shedding border collie, rode shot-gun and we completed the away-tasks and headed home to work on the at-home tasks.

I was driving my husband's little chevy...shedded dog hair doesn't show up as much on darker upholstery! My husband's little chevy has darker upholstery.  As I pulled into the driveway, the speaker on Frank's CD asked a question; a question I cannot get out of my mind.

He asked, "What do you want to do so much that it makes your heart ache?"

After a short pause, he states, "Then do it!"

What do I desire so much that it makes my heart ache not doing it?"

I would have to break that up into several categories....ah...but isn't that just another way of putting off what I ache to do?

First, I'll make a list, then prioritize it, make a "world" column, a "self" column and a "family" column.
Who knows how long that would take to complete, maybe could keep the ache going for a week, maybe more.

Then there is the list of tools and preparations....why, I could keep the ache in my heart and put off living the dream for months, for years!

Why do we do that? Why do we keep the ache and puttoff the "doing"?

You know what I want to do so much that it makes my soul, let alone my heart, ache? I want to feed the children of the world. I want each and every child to feel safe and loved. I want, I ache, for each child to realize self-worth and self-empowerment!

What am I doing about that? Truly, what am I doing? I can't fix all their little lives but what can I do today and tomorrow for one or two children?

I want to write, I want to create, I want to paint. I want to move out of the city, I don't belong in city limits, I can't hear crickets and frogs over the trucks and the helicopters.  I hear sirens every day and every night.

My heart aches that I am surrounded by so many people who believe the path they choose to follow is the one, the only, the true path to God. According to them, there is no other path, so they find it right and just to be cruel, judgemental and many times, down right ugly to journeyers on another path. My heart aches when their religion is used as a weapon.

My heart aches when I hear a door slam.

My heart aches that we surround ourselves with fear and accept the seeds of more fear, greater fear, from the media every day. My heart aches that we don't choose to feel joy...

What do you ache for?  What do you want to do you long for so bad that it hurts not to do it?


  1. Write this book

  2. I haven't thought of this until this post. I really don't know what my heart aches for. Travel, perhaps without a care!

    Joy always,

  3. Susan, My husband and I are photographer. We were just talking how we ache to travel with enough time to search out good sites, good sunsets and sunrises, and then time to sit and wait for them with cameras in hand.

    Travel is Good!


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