March 12, 2018

A Little Help From Our Friends

Roller coaster weekend. Some ups and some extreme lows.

A time when love becomes tough love, tests every ounce of patience and pushes every emotional button.

Scary! When life's circumstances are spiraling at warp speed, there is a strong pull to jump out of the whirlpool, to find peace at any cost.

As I have mentioned often lately, the universe is listening, always listening. So this morning, first thing on my FB thread is link to "10 Ways To Reach Out When You're Struggling With Your Mental Health."

I'm sharing this link, just in case the universe wants this excellent article to reach someone else who needs a reminder to reach out.



    (safe for work)

  2. I'm so very sorry for the tough weekend.

    1. Life! There were some good highs, too. Thanks for hugs!

  3. Sorry you had a hard weekend. Good friends are the salt of the earth. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Sorry for the lows on the weekend. I'm glad there some highs, too. And I hope the week has started UP!

  5. I hope things are looking up soon.

  6. Ringo was right about that. A little help is all we sometimes need.

  7. Dear toni

    Breathing is luxury and this is ONLY YOU who can realize that how many times this luxury made you touch the stars!
    so feeling low is not extraterrestrial thing .

    I bet you will come out from this gloomy balloon and take a loooooong deeeeep breath ,hold it in for while and throw it out with all your energy .
    here it goes away and you are again the very interesting ,funny,enthusiastic and lovable lady !!!

    LOVE you for your strength and your humour my friend!!!



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