March 01, 2018

Take The Challenge

Monday is the sign-up day for the 2018 A to Z Challenge!

Any of you going to take on the challenge?

If you are, have you thought of a Category or a Theme yet?

I had so much fun last year!  Nora Roberts, a well-published author wrote, "A great writer chases her heroine up a tree and then throws rocks at her." Don't quote me quoting her, I might be off a little! My theme for the 2017 A to Z Challenge was 26 Rocks to Throw At A Protagonist Who Is Up A Tree (with a sub-theme of alliteration!). 

My dilemma this year has been whether to go for humor or be serious. (Seriously, hard for me to be serious most of the time. Gloomy, yes! Negative, yes! Serious, not so much!

I already have a theme, inspired by some of my Readers! Thank you, Friends!

Can't wait for Reveal Day!

Dang! Just looked Reveal Day up on the calendar. Someone remind me, There's a chance I might be hung-over! Would really like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Shameless O'Leery's

 Friday, Saturday,'ve got some time to think about it! Join in on the fun! 

(Re-thinking my theme...what if I change it to 26 Micro-Brews and I have to test each one before I can post about it!)


  1. I won't be joining this challenge but I am looking forward to yours!

  2. You already have a theme? And it's over two weeks until Reveal Day so you can't tell us now? You tease, you.

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  4. Popped in to thank you for visiting my blog, or should I say diary! Now I am curious about your Reveal Day.

    1. Excited about it! Love to read about the other participants themes.

  5. I'm wondering if I should join. Do you have to stick to the theme every day or is it just something to keep you on track?

    1. Do it, Leeanna! It really is fun. You really don't have to have a theme at all if you don't want one. Some just find that a theme provides a prompt for writing.


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