March 08, 2018


This morning I jumped out of bed, totally excited about my self-proclaimed To Do list. Totally!

I posted my plans for the day on Wondering and Wandering, got dressed and left the bedroom.

Holy Cow! 

Can a man be too good?

Wednesday afternoon, while The Guy was at my folks' house, I climbed up on a chair, and pulled a couple of things down from above my kitchen cabinets. Icky! Dusty and tacky.

I scrubbed them, tossed two things into the PURGE box, put a plant, a vase and a pitcher up. I looked at the rest of the cabinet tops and decided that soon, very soon, I was going to have to take everything down, clean and maybe update it all. Very soon came sooner than I expected.

The Guy walked in just as I was climbing off the counter. As I was taking the chair back to the dining room I commented that the other cabinets really needed cleaning.

"I'll need to get to it soon!" I said.

Wednesday is Survivor night. I watch it in the bedroom because we don't have cable or satellite tv. We have Apple TV, Netflix and Amazon in the living room. The bedroom television has an antenna.

The Guy doesn't get involved with Survivor until the last 5 or 6 people are left. So last night, he stayed in the living room to watch a show with lots of explosions, shooting and aliens. My thoughts were that he was probably snoozing in his chair.


While I was snuggled in bed, he was taking everything above the cabinets down. Everything but the dust, cob webs and ick.

Rex, Lily and I walked into the kitchen this morning and were shocked by all the baskets and teapots and oil lamps covering the counters, all the counters.  Kitchen looks good! I purged some really old things while wondering why I liked them enough to display. Scrubbed the cabinet tops, walls and ceiling.

Guess what I didn't do today!

Sometimes a guy can be too helpful!


  1. Sounds like you've got Spring Cleaning Fever!

    1. I've had it for about six months! Clean, purge, clean, purge, drink wine!

  2. David won't let me climb things to clean. He does all that for me. He's so helpful too.

    1. The Guy would probably have cleaned it too, if I had left everything sitting on the counter for a couple of days!!!

      Can I borrow Dave next month so the cabinets wont' be so yucky next time? Like Martha says, sounds like you have a keeper!

  3. It's that time of year when we feel like cleaning up the nest! Your guy is a keeper :)

    1. Really been feeling like this for about six months. I think it was the eclipse, must have rattled my brain!

  4. Yeah Toni that is a keeper!! May I rent him?

    1. Certainly! Right after he's done with the Honey Do List!


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