May 01, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'V'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

V-rocks...can it be Vexing to come up with Various Ventures for a Valid Victor to Value  Victory?

A Vindictive Vendor compels a Vital Vacation where the Hero suddenly Vanishes?

Is that a story with any Viability?

Does the hero just Vere off the road into the jungle (or other Varying Venues) in her Vehicle, due to side effects of recent travel-mandated Vaccinations, leaving no Vestige of her Vicissitude?

Do Venomous Vipers threaten Valerie, the hero?

Does Vladimir, a Valiant Veterinarian, View the wreckage and the Vulnerable and unconscious Valerie?

Does Vladimir Value the life of a Visitor to his domain who is in a Vicarious position?

Does Vladimir even have the Vocabulary to communicate with Valerie when she regains consciousness?

Will the Vindictive and Vicious Vendor trick Vladimir into thinking he is a friend of Valerie's Wake up, Valerie, wake up!

Can the Voodoo doctor in the Village save the day?

Is Valerie a Vascular Surgeon who regains consciousness just in time to save the life of a Village Victim of a Venous ailment?


  1. 'v' is for 'vladimir putin' (see donald dump)

  2. Toni,

    Valerie woke from the Valerian root induced nap to the voice of Vladimir validating his love for her and vowing to aVenge the villain for placing Valerie in a vulnerable state. Vitality coarse through the hero's veins; soon after victoriously defeated the Vindictive Vendor. But, that's not the end, Valerie and Vladimir veer off into the Valencia sunset to live happily foreVer!

    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “V” (Violin & Victorian Women)


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