May 27, 2017

Thirty Three!

Frank and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary yesterday.

Hard to believe that we've come this far.

We met at Shasta Dam in 1980. I was a tour guide. He flew over the top of a tour I was leading and yelled, "Look up!"

Poor picture of a picture. In original, Mt. Shasta is in the background.
Everyone on the tour looked up and became enthralled with the handsome hang glider pilot. All the questions for the rest of the tour were about hang gliding, landing zone, launch, etc.

After the tour, and Frank's flight, he came to visit me in the tower. We talked for an hour. He was a fireman, interesting and flirty. I was also married (though my husband of 13 years was still dating).

Frank would come to the dam and seek me out. If he was alone, we would have good conversations full of bantering and laughing. If he had someone with him, he was an asshole and I would do my best to hide out until he left.

I was riffed by President Reagan, so returned to health care. Lost communication with the handsome pilot.

Two years later, I was divorced and working a booth at a health fair, I looked up from spinning blood for hematocrit tests, and saw this handsome man looking at me from the line of another booth. He was in full color and everyone else in the mall, in fact the mall itself, was in black and white! Yup. When the universe gives one that kind of a message, one should listen.

We tried to figure out where we knew each other from, both of us thinking the other looked familiar. When we finally remembered, he waited until the fair was over, then we went out for a pizza. We've basically been together since then.

When we decided to marry, we had the ceremony at Shasta Dam, where we first met.

Thirty three years. Who knew?


  1. Wonderful, story Toni, tender and sweet. Second chances are a beautiful thing.

  2. Lovely story and photos. Happy Anniversary. I'm going to a wedding for two grooms. One in his sixties, the other ten or so years older. Both happy they found each other and families will all be on hand. Happy weekend.

  3. What a romantic story and great wedding photo! Congrats on 33 years together, you two crazy kids.

  4. GORGEOUS wedding photo! happy anniversary and many many more!

  5. What a great story! I'm a real sucker for stuff like this. Happy anniversary. Wishing you many more!

  6. Wonderful Toni - congratulations and what a lovely story ... and here's to many another ... cheers Hilary

  7. Congratulations Toni. I enjoy reading" how we met" stories. From what I have read in your posts, you met just the right partner in life and the love story continues.


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