May 20, 2017

Busy Week

Our family grew this week. Son-2 and his wife are fostering the cutest little fellow. It is apparently a foster-to-adopt program. Joy! We now have 8 grandchildren, six young women in the middle sandwiched by boys on the ends. Oldest is a 25 year old young man with a family of his own, and now, the youngest is 3! Yay Us!!!

We spent part of Mother's Day in the Bend with Mom and Dad. Had a nice lunch. Then headed out for the 2 hour drive to Sacramento for dinner with Son-2, his wife and her folks. Awesome dinner. They drove up from L.A., which is easily a 7 hour drive.

Daughter-in-law was being presented with a State of California college employee of the year award in the morning! Yes, we are very proud of all the kids and their spouses!

While leaving the folk's house we took a couple of quick picks of the Bend. Rain was in the mountains, sun shining on the river. Storm moved in pretty quick though.

We actually had heard from the local Birders that there were several Whooping Cranes and a Giant Blue Heron hanging out in the ponds. Found the Heron but the Crane had moved on.  Being afraid of snakes, I didn't walk through the high grass to get the big bird photo...hmm, don't think Frank did either because he was wearing dress pants and dress shoes.

The wind was howling. I'm surprised there was as much body to the clouds.

We headed south, missing the storm, for the most part.

We ate dinner at Station 16. Delicious food, great service.

Mostly seafood. Shrimp Ceviche was to die for!

There is a cultural richness in downtown Sacramento that is so absent from Redding.

We also were in the middle of the last day of the Women's Amgen Tour  Bike Race. Big crowds, streets closed off, great vibes.

Dinner was wonderful. Great company, great conversation, great food! 

We got home just a little after midnight, ready to do it all over again...but first, a good sleep!


  1. Lots of good family stuff. And lots of fun all around. Very good news about the little fellow that is being fostered. Sacramento is a place that I would love to visit one day!

    1. Little boy is now with them! Yay!
      Love family visits, talks and meals. Personally, I think our family are the the funniest people I know but we can also have some pretty deep conversations. I Love 'em!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you have a wonderful family. I have little to do with the cousins and parents, grandparents are long gone. I have never been to your part of California. Was Redding mostly farms at one time?

    1. Pretty wonderful family. Can't really say enough about them.

      Redding was actually a mining area for a very long time. Smelting pretty much ruined the mountains nearby. Shasta Dam was built, the WPA came in and planted all the trees around Lake Shasta. We have lots of cattle ranches and walnut orchards.

      Great area for Mexican cartels to grow their pot, so the standard warning is, if you are hiking in the woods and see black pvc pipe, back out exactly the way you came in. Do not continue hiking. Scary!


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