May 01, 2017

A to Z Challenge 'U'

A to Z 2017 Theme: Rocks to Throw At A Hero Who Is Up A Tree!

Robin Carr, a well-published author describes a talented author as "someone who chases her hero up a tree and then throws rocks at her."

 Who is the hero?

A Urologist, an Urban Planner, a Uranium Miner, a University Professor?

If the hero is a Uranium Miner does she have need of a Urologist or an Unorthodox, Unforgettable Oncologist?

Can an Unassuming University Professor cause Unbridled Unruliness in her Undergraduates with an Unusual lecture Upbraiding Universal pandering in politics?

Would it get Ugly?

Sorry, 'U' post is a bit Unsustained and Undersized due to my Unnecessary and Unexplained absence...could it have been a Vacation...on to 'V'!


  1. 'u' is for 'U-G-L-Y' (see donald dump)

  2. Toni, which ever the hero is maybe she'll need a unlikely champion to accompany here, perhaps, she'll like to ride upon a back of a unicorn!


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