August 12, 2017


"Travel implies a path, a way, a journey. We are always on a journey whether we know it or not. Our journey is to any place different from where we are now. This can be to a foreign or exotic land or just across town or outside… A journey can also be an inner journey or time travel back in time… We encounter many things along the way..."  Steve Maimes

We're headed to Idaho this week to declare our little spot of Totality. Excited but a little bit nervous about the predicted 'apocalyptic-traffic' of eclipse seekers.

Last time I was in Idaho, it was just a drive-thru on our way to Montana. It will be interesting to actually be there for 3 days. Hopefully not the last 3 days of my life! (Anxious much?)

Find myself on a wide path of journeys lately, sadly none of them exotic...okay, some of the inner ones are!

My shoulder is a bit of a disaster, so:

Driving to Chico to see an Ortho doc to make a plan. (Easy decision, don't want a Redding doctor).
Cut my hair so it will just curl and I don't have to use a blow dryer. (Tough decision, hair was just to mid-shoulder length. Now I am 100% my own white hair, no dye! Well, except for the lead in my brain and blood from years of coloring my hair!)
Learning to think before moving and not using left arm. (Not so successful but at my age the learning curve is substantial).

Total transparency: Not a real human, as there is little to no pockets of fat!

End of a life-long relationship with someone I dearly love, so:

Learning to create boundaries. I know, you'd think I would have clear ones by now, but, alas, I am truly a slow learner.

Repairing crack in heart. Taking collagen supplements and drinking lots of bone broth. Good for tendons and hearts!

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Phil website

Eclipse event, so:

Packing two coolers with ice and water bottles and bone broth. No dehydration for us while stuck in predicted traffic in a state where two out of three people are carrying a loaded weapon.

Packing lawn chairs, pillows and blankets:  We are staying with my husband's brother but one never knows, does one!

Buying a small box of Depends and taking a small shovel:  Traffic jams, water and bone broth!

Aging Parents that I dearly love, so:

Seriously considering selling house and moving closer to folks. They live 40 minutes from our house (25 minutes in emergencies). Husband suggested purchasing a motor home and parking it at the RV park a couple of miles from parents house.

Saying good-bye to my swimming pool. Swimming as much as I can this year to fill my tank!

Potential of living with a man (love you, honey!) in an RV.  Note to self: Ask doctor for increase in Xanax prescription!

What journeys are you on?  Are you sailing through or occasionally stumbling? Is there a journey you want to take but afraid of the first step?

Remember what Clarissa Pinkola Estes says: 
"I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you and that you will work them, and water them, with your blood and tears and laughter ‘till they bloom, ‘till you yourself burst into bloom."


  1. so many major decisions to make! several bottles of wine will help get you through this.

    1. Wine, Rosemary sourdough bread and pesto. No problem!

  2. So much going on with you! Take it one day at a time. And remember to breathe!

    1. There is so much going on with everybody. I think it is just called life! Somehow we plow through it!

      It may sound stressful but I really am a pretty content person, my life is blessed.

  3. Yes, like Martha said - breathe. I believe I know about that "think before you move or do." I damaged the bursa in my right shoulder and was out of work for two years doing constant physical therapy and pain meds. I still have to think before I lift anything over 10 lbs. I'm hoping you have a magical experience watching the eclipse. Take lots of water and be safe.

    1. Leeanna, my husband and I did some research and discovered that the OTC pain relievers such as Ibuprofin, Motrin, Naproxen, etc, while relieving pain, prevent the body from using and creating collagen. Collagen is vital to tendon, ligament and joint health.

      So the more one takes something to help relieve discomfort or pain the longer it takes to heal. Also, the cortisone/steroid shots that are given to relieve the pain, does relieve pain but attacks the integrity of all the other joints in the body!

      We are throwing away the Naproxen and Tylenol! Using Ice and heat for pain relief, physical therapy exercises and going on a high collagen and vitamin C diet.


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