August 10, 2017

Poor Frank

Frank groaned a little as he climbed out of bed Tuesday morning. He complained that he felt he needed more sleep.

He jumped into the shower. I continued to lay in bed, throwing a ball for Rex. (Rex has got this down. He retrieves the ball and places it on the bed right where I can reach it).

Suddenly, Frank was getting violently ill in the shower. I mean violently. The vomiting continued off and on for at least five minutes.

He finished his shower and started dressing for work. As Alaina and three-year-old Brinley say, "What the heck!"

He looked grey. He was weak. He was totally Frank, and went to work.

He gave it a good go but apparently the vomiting continued at work. He stayed working until about noon.

He came home and was sound asleep by 12:30 and slept until dry heaves woke him about 8:30.

I offered him broth, tea, water. He refused it all and was back asleep by 8:45 and slept through the night.

Wednesday morning he slept until 8:30 a.m. Totally unheard of.  He stumbled to the living room, queasy and weak, landing on the sofa where he spent the day, in and out of sleep.

He did wake up for the Hang Gliding Nationals! Watched every launch, twist and turn, rise and fall, of each of the 129 (I think) pilots.  He fell asleep after the first 20 landings.

He ate a little chicken soup.

This morning, he is back at work.

If I ever start a business, I'm going to hire that man. He has a work ethic that doesn't quit!


  1. did poor frank eat something that disagreed with him? sounds a bit like food poisoning. uncooked fish, rare beef...poor guy! :(

  2. Poor dear. So glad he's on the mend.

  3. Something nasty got into poor Frank. I hope it wasn't viral and you don't get it.

    My husband was the same. He hated missing work. When we were younger and had four kids at home making lots of noise, I understood his going to work no matter how bad he felt.

  4. Wow! That must have taken quite a lot out of him. I would've been home sleeping :) Glad to hear he's doing better!


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