August 30, 2017


Anyone know where I can get a body transplant?

I'm willing to travel if necessary.

Tendon and rotator cuff surgery this month (left shoulder), broke a finger on my right hand last Friday and right knee still hurts like an S.O.B. in spite of total knee 4 or 5 years ago.  Like my 3 year old great-granddaughter says, "What the heck!"

Computer crashed, too. Missed you all and will catch up on visiting your blogs.

Enough whining!

Okay, not really whining, BUT we are having a record breaking hot-as-hell summer. More than sixty days of three digit temperatures. Remember the pretty little garden I planted in the spring? Fried!  Having to walk out the door or get out of your car is staking your life on the slim chances that you won't spontaneously combust!  Yeah, I know, that was kind of whining! Enough!!!

My husband is going to help me put eclipse 'shadow bands' video on YouTube and I will post link!

My friend who is moving to Oregon sold her house to the first person who looked at it for full asking price!  She's really going and the universe is putting all the pieces together for her.  She is scared and excited! Hard to leave the home and town you've lived in for 35 years, all your friends and familiar places. At the same time, she is looking forward to the new adventure. She is making the most of Act III of her life!

While in Idaho, I bought a couple of quarts of Dixie Belle Chalk paint and have been painting a couple of tables. Thank god there were no cameras around as I held the paint brush with one swollen finger pointing in opposite direction.

We hung out in the mountains last weekend. Frank was judging photo entries for a county fair. I drove around a bit, hung out by a river, took some photos, wrote in my journal and read! Best part, it was only 97 degrees in the area! Nice and cool!

This coming weekend we are going to Oregon. He will be judging for another county fair. I will be observing the quilt judging for a little bit and then off to play! 

Now, back to some cleaning and straightening before surgery. Any of you have shoulder surgery in the past? Got any ideas on recovery and therapy issues? Can I get a little help from my friends?

Not a sharp photo but it was nice being surrounded by flowers at the fair grounds!


  1. That's great about your friend's house! Hope all your aches and pains pass. Sounds like there's a lot of stuff going on at your end.

  2. Weird how much is going on! I thought I was retired! Doesn't that mean drinking a lot of tea and reading good books?

  3. Retirement for me was busier than when I worked full time. Not so now, I am more into relaxation - in other words total idleness. It's good to be occupied, though. Hope your operation goes okay.


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