April 02, 2013


Headed to the movies with a couple of my granddaughters today but in the meantime, I am babysitting my grandson's puppy.

This baby has big blue eyes, blue nose, blue fur! I didn't know that was possible. He likes to sit on my feet, for warmth and comfort, I suppose. Rex, our border collie typically lays at my feet so I'm not too sure how that is being accepted. Rex is across the room now staring at me. I think he may want me to throw the puppy so Rex can retrieve it like he does his toys.

My grandson is 21, he wears a lot of black clothes, usually Metal Mulisha, so lots of skulls. He has some tattoos, wears a baseball cap almost always, black with white Metal Mulisha logo for casual, black with neon green logo for "going out!"  Now he has a pit bull. A cute itsy bitsy pit bull. If there is a physical stereo-type for 21 year olds in 2013, I am sure he fits it.  The only way I can tell him apart from his friends is that he is usually the tallest and his big blue eyes.

One of these days, he is going to be walking down the river trail with his pit bull dog on a leash and a woman my age is going to see him and be scared to death that she is in mortal danger. She couldn't be further from the truth and she couldn't be more safe than having him around her on the river trail.

He is gentle, nurturing, compassionate, a very loving man. He would never let anyone hurt another person. I have seen him jump to protect several times, never himself but always those smaller, younger, weaker.  There were some thugs at the skate park one afternoon bullying a guy for being a  little heavy. My grandson didn't even know the guy but walked over to the group of bullies and told them to take it somewhere else or deal with him. They took it somewhere else. There are many other examples of his spirit. Surprising too, since he was raised by a mom who is text-book Borderline Personality Disorder.

So, I sit here at my computer, recollecting the times that I walked the River Trail or park and came across a young man, with tats and skulls and black and a pit at the end of his leash and judged him from his look, from the gangsta stereo-type. Sorry all you honorable men who I wrongly judged.

The look still scares me, not on Cole or his friends, but on strangers it does.  Happily, when I walk, I usually have Rex and he is a pretty good judge of character. He has only challenged two men on the River Trail while I have been walking with him and both men were dressed like they just stepped out of a Penny's catalog...

Gratitude Journal, April 2, 2013
I am thankful that Thor is so cute.
I am thankful that I can take my granddaughters to the movies and sit in the dark theater and laugh!
I am thankful for the other grandparents and parents or aunts that were taking other kids to the movies today.
I am thankful for bench warrants....long story.....another time!

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