April 21, 2013


The past week got away from me. I forgot to remind myself about the things I am thankful for, so I let my "warrior" pull the sword out and give it a couple of good solid swings on my last post. Remind me that the next time someone asks me what my biggest pet peeve is, not to answer "people who tailgate" or "people who honor ego more than people." My biggest vexation is my lack of self-control when I witness either of the two previously mentioned  annoyances.

Staying grounded and balanced is my goal; to honor you (third person plural) and me in my actions and emotions.


The meaning that I vibrate to is "The divine in me recognizes and honors the divine in you." Some people use Namaste to say "greetings to you" and some use it say "I bow to you."

I will make every effort to recognize and honor the divine in my fellow citizens of Earth! (and any of you not of Earth, 'cuz' I know you are out there).

Gratitude Journal, April 21, 2013

I am thankful for the big blue marble on this Earth Day, Namaste, Dear Planet!
I am thankful for having a husband who can communicate....eventually.
I am thankful for Rex, our Border Collie, who is my buddy.
I am thankful for Pizza, Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia and Apple Pie flavored Moonshine.
I am thankful for words and yummy sentences that when put together make delectable, calorie-free reading.
I am thankful for my sister who is contemplating giving up her treasured ocean to come be close to Mom and Dad.

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