April 24, 2013


If I was in the Favorite's alliance I would have told Reynolds, Malcolm and Whats-his-name that I would flip if they swore not to vote me out until all the Favorites were gone.

I would beg them just so I wouldn't have to go hang out with Phillip!

No food, sleep with rats and smell like the boys locker room OR share lodging with The Specialist?
Hands down: the starving, varmint infested stench wins.

Stealth-R-Us is probably Judgement-R-Us back at the jury quarters and that gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Malcolm should have kept on digging...silly boy.

I'd like to see Cochran, Brenda and NOT Dawn make it to the end but Cochran takes the prize.


  1. generally we're in total agreement. Cochran for King of Survivor! Brenda's a snarky whiner but I'll take her over Dingbat Dawn any day. Dawn should go soon and spend some time in Specialist Limbo.

  2. So glad we share these academic pursuits.


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