April 23, 2013

Good Tuesday

It has been a good day, all-in-all.

Woke up, as usual, about 4 a.m. Said some prayers, did some meditation and got on the computer to write a little. Back in bed by 6 for a little snooze.

An hour with my therapist. She reassured me that I am very grounded and doing "the work"!

Upon return to home I received an email referring me to a site discussing natural cycles.  It states that it is unnatural for human beings to sleep a block of 8 hours. Our more natural pattern is to sleep for 4 hours, wake up in the middle of night and read, converse with partner, take a walk or commune with nature. Then we return to sleep for 3 or 4 hours. The article advises that the post-lunch slump we often feel is another part of the natural human cycle, which  Mediterranean Europeans and South American countries honor with the closing of businesses and a siesta.
The Siesta -Van Gogh

It is nice to know that I am not an insomniac but a natural type of gal.  I wanted to join with Carol King and Aretha to sing to the article, "You make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel like a natural woman...a natural woman."

Visited with Mom and Dad for a couple of hours. I took Rex and he was so excited to see them both.  He shared lots of love! The conversation was excellent. Mom is doing really well. Cognitive abilities and comprehension back 100% as far as I can tell.  My mom slayed that stroke!

Saw a house for sale around the corner from them that I fell in love with, would be nice to be closer to them and it had river frontage.

Got home and Cole had cleaned house for me. Puppies jumped up excited to see me.

Nice breeze flowing through the house on this beautiful spring day.

Can you say, "Over the hump!"

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  1. Humpety, humpety, bumpety, bump!!!
    Mikey likes it!


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