April 13, 2013

Junk In The Trunk

Now this is what a trunk is supposed to be!
I was commenting in an earlier post how behind I am in pop culture.

Being uninformed can cause one many problems! Many of you who know me personally know my humiliating "Junk In The Trunk" story. To sum up the story, I was surfing the tv channels and saw the title "Junk In The Trunk." Being an HGTV fan I immediately assumed that it was about recycling old items. The old adage about "assume" was very accurate in this case.

Junk In The Trunk was an XXX adult movie, and on large screen, was a huge surprise, if you know what I mean. Frank and I were both startled and begin kind of yelling at each other and my shock caused my fingers to stop following the directions my mind was sending it. I couldn't operate the remote to change the channel or turn the tv off. Frank took the remote from me, changed the channel and immediately applied a code to restrict adult programming.

Today I had a similar experience.

I often go through my Blogger stats and look to see who the referring sites are and what "search terms  are used to get here.

One of you is in Big Trouble!!!! I'm telling your mama!  I clicked on one of the referring URL's! Whew, Porn City.

All I can say is I hope you washed your hands before you came to my blog!

Now, I am going to go wash my hands!

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