February 16, 2018

Friday Friendly Fill-ins!

Catching my breath! (Otherwise known as procrastinating, I'm really good at it).

Guest Bedroom...check
Guest Bathroom...check
Dusting...check (cough cough)
Soup back on simmer...check

Plastic, tape, brushes & paint out to garage...next!
Mop floors again...why do dogs drip water for three feet after heartily drinking?
Shower...for everyone's sake!
Go to store for promised Artisan Bread for dinner.

Feet up, wine, visit with sisters!

In the meantime, time for McGuffy's Friday Friendly Fill-ins (Feelings, get it?)

1. My Chinese zodiac animal is________________

2. My (Astological) zodiac sign is ______________

3. Income tax season_________________________

4. In hindsight______________________________

1. My Chinese zodiac animal is the Tiger. Apparently I am internally strong, so much so that I may explode and get guts everywhere. I act without warning (WARNING!). I am adventurous and, apparently can seem aggressive in the romance department or would you call that passionate?
I like this part: A tiger may have difficulty "finding a balance between disciplined trust and whimsical passion!"

2. My (Astological) zodiac sign is Capricorn. My birthday is the 18th so I am a bit on the cusp. I am an earth sign but being on the cusp I can sometimes be a little airy (like now, instead of getting to the To-Do list I am playing! Dang me!)
Capricorn Traits from This Site:

"Strengths: Responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers".......ME!
"Weaknesses: Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst".....ME!
"Capricorn likes: Family, tradition, music, understated status, quality craftsmanship".....Me!
"Capricorn dislikes: Almost everything at some point"....ME!

Good news is Capricorns are very compatible with Taurus'! The Guy is a Taurus. (Earthy, Stubborn and Compatible! That's Us!)

3. Income tax season is here again...shit!

4. In hindsight, I wish I had mopped the floor and taken a shower and was on my way to the store instead of 'taking a breather!"

"When you know better, you do better!"


  1. My Chinese zodiac sign is -- the Rooster. Most people find the Rooster annoying, not only because the Rooster thinks it's always right, but because it usually is. Rooster corresponds to Virgo in the Astrological zodiac system.

    My Astrological zodiac sign is -- Virgo. Double whammy! I love being a Virgo because it honours the Maiden archetype of the Divine Feminine.

    Income tax season -- is a pain in the ass.

    In hindsight -- I should not have had that second piece of cheesecake.

    1. Double Whammy is right! You don't seem to be a Super Type A but the potential is certainly there!

      Cheesecake; so easy to over do but paybacks are hell!

  2. 1. My Chinese zodiac animal is horse

    2. My (Astological) zodiac sign is virgo

    3. Income tax season doesn't bother me one bit (I have someone do my taxes)

    4. In hindsight I should have remained single and taken spanish in high school

    1. Horse and Virgo are a good blend. Passion, diligence and integrity, work ethic, mixed in with just the perfect amount of Sass!

  3. I'm a Monkey and I'm sneaky. :) I'm a Pisces and I'm an empath. Income tax season is just fine by me. I never had any surprises. I wait to file until April 30th (in Canada that's the deadline) because I ALWAYS have to pay this ridiculous forced (they call it obligatory) health insurance plan in Quebec, it ends up being $750 a year, ugh.

    In hindsight, I wish I had cleaned the oven before the house filled with smoke from the butter that dripped down on the burner! Peee-ewf!!!

    1. Sometimes I don't know what's worse; the smell of drippings burning on the oven burners or the oven self-cleaning! Icky!

      I hate tax time. We always get returns but gathering the paperwork, making sure everything adds up and what goes where. It's always a three margarita day after I'm done with them.

    2. I use Turbo Tax so I can have my margaritas during the process lol, they tell me where I went wrong lol! :)

  4. I love #3. That's one way to think about taxes. I also loved your sign. ME, ME, ME, and ME.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  5. Hello... Have a great Saturday... Please follow my blog and add me to your list. Thanks.

  6. I'm a Wood Horse. Always running and skittish.
    I'm a Libra.
    Income tax season is over. We do ours early.
    In hindsight I wish I had met David earlier in life so we could have had children together.

    1. Have you ever though that your paths crossed earlier but neither of you were paying attention?

  7. This was fun to read! My Chinese zodiac sign is the snake and my astrological sign is Aquarius. Not exactly sure what happens when you blend the two together :)

    1. It was fun to write.I think the Snake and Aquarius are really good matches. Makes for a delightful person, which you are!

  8. I'm a Capricorn too and my friends think that it explains everything.
    Agree totally about dogs and water - such a mess. We've also just adopted a cat who insists on picking up her wet food and dropping it on the floor to eat.

    1. When we had cats, each one of them always put a paw in the water to make it move and then they would drink. Always kitty tracks leading away from bowls.

      My grandson had Basset Hounds when he was growing up. Their ears would get in the water and they would leave little train tracks of water on the floor!

  9. Great answers, I especially liked # 3 :) My hubby is a Capricorn, I guess that explains why he always expects the worst. I hope you had a nice time with your sisters.

    1. Weird, but I do worry, in the middle of the night about stuff. Probably due to my PTSD but I am really, basically not just a cup-half-full kind of person, I'm mostly a my-cup-runneth-over person. The Guy, on the other hand is not only a cup half empty person, he knows with everything in him that the guy with the pitcher to refill the cup is never coming back around, so protect the half empty cup!

  10. my zodiac sign is rooster and astrological zodiac sign is scorpion
    i wonder i believe in this stuff ???

    thank you for interesting post dear Toni!

    hindsight is i had written a book instead of starving to at least read the books

    1. Great hindsight! I wish I had finished the three books I've started!


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