February 19, 2018

Slow Exhale!

The last three days were incredible; a whirlwind, but incredible.

Friday, my sister-in-law, Jacqueline, showed up just after noon. We hit World Market and Trader Joe's for cheeses, crackers and oh-my-god-good Sumo Oranges! How come I didn't know about Sumo oranges. What else is out there that my aversion to leaving the house is preventing me from experiencing?

We also picked up a couple of extra bottles of red wine. I lean towards Merlot, she is dedicated to Zin. We both discovered some new 'likes'!

Gathering of the sisters was a blast! The Guy and I have been the family photographers since day one. He, being the oldest of 10, always made 3 or 4 extra copies of all the photos we ever developed in the old 'film' days. Part of our 'purging' process is to par down (politically correct way of saying 'get rid of') our 15 or more photo boxes full of family photos.

Supper done, we sorted through all the boxes, dividing photos and revisiting the past!

There were weddings, births, baptisms, graduations, holidays.

"Is this Davie?"
"No, my hair is too big for it to be Davie!"

"Toni, do you remember when you and Francis ripped off your bikinis and jumped off the houseboat?"

"OMG, that's huge! Whose bra is that?"
"Mine, remember I was nursing Syd!"
"What is it; a Double G?"
Hospital Waiting Room Photos galore! When any one went into labor, everybody else would go to the hospital to wait. It was fun to guess who was having a baby by seeing who was missing in waiting room photos!

"Whoa! This must have been a long night, you look like crap in this pic!"

Women on Wine!What can you do?

End of evening, everyone had a nice share of photos and I feel so much lighter!

Jacqueline and I sipped wine in jammies until the spirit said get your butts in bed.

Saturday morning, coffee in jammies, couple of sisters popped in. We packed up and headed for Wild Card Brewery.

We ordered a flight of brews. I am not a fan of dark beer but OMG, apparently I am of huge fan of Ale! Scotch Ale to be exact. It tastes like a good scotch! I swear, it is delicious! One more thing I didn't know, and the dang brewery is in my own town!

I resolved to wrestle with my tendency towards being a recluse and walk out that front door more. Who will win? Recluse or Adventurer? I guess it depends on who is the hungriest and needs to be fed, or thirstiest!

The afternoon and evening were totally mellow. We met up with The Guy, his brother, Conrad and Conrad's family.  We had divine Mexican food at a super little hole-in-the-wall place with the freshest ingredients in the world.

After eating we headed over to our house to hang out for the evening.

Sunday, we hosted February birthdays for the Guy's family. Eleven birthdays in February but only five of them local! We had at least 40 people at the house on Sunday, not counting those in mother's arms and laps! It was a blast! It was chaos, but happy chaos!

Our Sycamore was having a happy day, filled with kids again!

The Guy, some of his siblings and his ma! Two of the brothers are out of the area and couldn't make it. Don't recognize the Guy without a camera in his hands, right?

Did you guess right? Isn't he just the most handsome man?

Two of the Littles who couldn't go out by the pool with the big kids. Hard rule at our house: If you can't swim, you must (MUST) wear a swim vest out back. (Yes, Mom, this means you, too!)

Day end, The Guy, two sisters and I sitting around, polishing off the pesto and bread, crackers and cheese, good wine and good talk!
Es was ein guter Tag!
Fue un buen dia!
Itan mia kali imera!
C'etaite une bonne journee!
Goede Dag!

However you say it, it was a good day!

Jacqueline and I had a couple of great cups of coffee this morning. Fleshed-out some upcoming events; big shindig for oldest niece turning 40 in June; July birthdays' celebration on the coast in July; bought tickets to see ELO, Electric Light Orchestra in August in Oakland plus spending a couple of days in San Francisco with sister-in-law and her hubby. She says she wants photography lessons from the Guy! I say, 'what ever works for you to get him down there!'

Today. Quiet! All are gone. Just me, my tea, my worn out dogs and my jammies!

Life is good!


  1. Wow, what a weekend! Sounds like it did you good!

  2. HOLY MOLY...what a time you had. Sounds wonderful! So glad you enjoyed such an amazing time with loved ones.

    1. It truly was amazing, I bet I gained 10 pounds!

  3. Hello here. Happy Tuesday. Enjoy. Please comment and follow my blog. Thanks.

  4. 1. Yes he is very handsome
    2. What a darn fun couple of days
    3. Get out girl
    4. Great tree pick
    5. Had no idea Jeff Lynn still toured as ELO and I’m jealous
    Happy Tuesday.

    1. So excited about ELO. The Guy says we need to see them before they get so old they all have to come out on stage in motorized shopping carts!

  5. you are beautiful and yes your husband is very handsome!!!

    i felt thrilled with details of your get together and shopping with sister.

    kids on trees reminded me my childhood when i used to get on trees ah where are those carefree days !

    family is most precious thing we have and all i wanted from my Lord is only a family to whom i can call these are mine

    1. I spent a lot of my childhood up trees. I would climb a tree with a book in my shirt; then sit and read for hours.

      Family is truly the most precious blessing.

  6. Before my dad died, we had great weekend get togethers. Since he's been gone, it's been quiet. Everyone moved away from the family. We need to get back together for a weekend again.

    1. When my kids were growing up, my family had an annual Family Olympics. We would all gather at someone's house or camping for about 3 days. Each individual family had to come up with a crazy competition. We would have two days of friendly competition.

      So many times when Littles are growing up, adults tell them to go outside or go away, we adults are talking (or whatever). We had a rule that all generations could hang out together. That way great grandchildren, nieces and nephews all got to know grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles better. It was awesome.

  7. When it comes to coffee, tea and wine, I like all three!


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