February 22, 2018

I Was Propositioned!!!!

How many times have we reminded each other, "Be careful of what you pray for"?

This last weekend, I promised myself to be open to new adventures and opportunities. Who knew the universe was listening!

This morning I met with a friend for coffee. He and I collaborated on a book on parenting. I was also his researcher for a radio interview show he had several years ago. After the show, I would download the podcast, edit it with Audacity (the software, not the attitude), then make CD's for him and his guests.

We worked together on a couple of other projects and have always worked well together. He's type A and I'm type OK!

He interviews people who change the world; people who are passionate and altruistic.  He changed radio stations, and is now with a non-profit station. He found that the last station lacked a bit in the integrity department.

This morning he asked me to be his sound engineer!

Yeah! I didn't know my eyes could get that big or bug out that much!

"You want me to what!"

 I searched my entire Bucket List. There wasn't anything close to Sound Engineer on it.

Funny thing, synchronicity is magical. I took a 'Job Assessment Quiz' early this week; as usual, the jobs that popped up for me are Writer, Researcher, Editor, Photographer, Artist, but the top fifteen included Film Editor, Music Producer, Music Editor, Set Design!

Some of his shows will be aired live but many will be pre-recorded (so I can edit out my mishaps)!

He only does one show every other week but is scheduled to start weekly shows in May.

He said I could think about it...Big Mistake...don't ever let me think about scary stuff! Even though I am a cup-half-full kind of person, I always start my 'thinking about stuff' with the WHAT COULD GO WRONG part of the equation!

My son Adam once told me, when making a decision, he imagines what's the worst that could happen and what is the best; if he can live with anything in between he goes for it.

What's the worst thing that could happen? I could screw up and get fired (I know my friend wouldn't shoot me because he doesn't pack a gun and he wouldn't run over me because his car is new). I could handle getting fired but not getting dead!

What's the best that could happen? I could learn something new and meet some really kick-ass people while I'm at it!

I can live with any and all things in-between!

Sound Engineer will look really good on my resume! Who knows, could be that I could be in New York at the Jimmy Fallon show when their sound-guy doesn't show up because of bad weather and they ask the audience, "Anybody know how to work one of these boards with the thingies that go back and forth?"

Jimmy will be blown away by the silver-haired old woman in the baggy sweatshirt and jeans who stands up in the back row in her best-ever superhero stance, "I can!"
Sound Engineer Nana!

 I say, Yes! A Big, Fat YES!



    ("I Was Propositioned!!!!" - I thought you were going to say someone asked you out on a date)

    1. Oh, I'm afraid the out-on-a-date ship has sailed!

  2. Very cool! And I like your Jimmy Fallon fantasy too! Best of luck in your new endeavour!

    1. Excited to do something new. I love my fantasies! Like Mark Twain said in Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, "You cannot believe your eyes if your imagination is out of order!"

  3. Hi Toni - congratulations ... so pleased for you ... definitely go for it - had to be a YES ... all the very best for your wonderful news - cheers Hilary

    1. Totally excited to learn something new. Thanks!

  4. Oh, exciting! Hey, don't mess with the universe. You put things out there, it listens :) In this case, it's good.

    1. Might need to write a note on the palm of my hand in ink:
      "Careful. The Universe is listening!"


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