February 26, 2018


Friend sent this to me on Facebook. Couldn't resist sharing.

Yesterday I had my annual Medicare wellness check. The nurse said that at my age I should have a bar in the shower. So I took her advice.


  1. Toni . . . so did you make that treacherous winter drive or not???

    1. Made half of the treacherous drive! Hauled bunny rabbits to Ashland earlier than planned. Checked into hotel. This morning there was 6 inches of snow on my car, side windows, everywhere!

      Lyn had to be at hospital by 7 AM, so we were first ones to move cars in parking lot. My little Malibu preferred sideways to straight, but once we got to street, all was well.

      New storm moving in, so I didn't make it to Portland to see Julie. After Lyn's surgery I waited for break in weather and hauled bunny rabbits home!

      Safe and sound but going back to Ashland on Wed to bring Lyn home!

      Scary trip but also fun. I absolutely don't know how any of you drive in snow!

    2. I'm glad you made it okay. Hopefully the roads will be much, much better on Wednesday when you go again to pick her up. Yes, over the years I've driven on some terrible roads in horrible winter conditions, so it's not something I ever take lightly.

    3. I'm making Frank teach me to install snow cables and taking me out to learn how to drive in snow. Not blizzards on a highway, just snow. My hat is off to you for driving in that stuff.

  2. Good luck on the next trip, you were lucky the last one. Good sense of humor!

  3. Replies
    1. Only thing needed is non-slip grips on the bottles!

  4. I need a bar like that in my shower too. ahahahaaa!!


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