December 21, 2017

Blessed Yule

Winter Solstice...we've made it! Another cycle.

The first official day of winter is much like a huge, carved magic door for me. As it opens on this long night, it invites us to the season of respite and recovery. It is inviting our spirits to withdraw from the outside world to enjoy and relish in our inner world.  In spite of the next two weeks of parties and hectic running around and loving chaos, the invitation is still there as the Times Square ball drops.

Time for bundling up in a big arm chair, wrapped in a cozy quilt, tea and book at hand.

Time for planning, flipping through catalogs and ordering seeds.

Time to spend entire days in pajamas, heavy socks over Vaseline slathered feet!

Time for inviting friends over for long chats over tea and fresh bread, but only the friends that don't mind your pajamas and the pile of books spread across the coffee table and beside your favorite chair.

Time for the smell of soups, stews and homemade bread.

Time for contemplation.

Blessed Yule, my friends.


  1. I LOVE that we will begin to have more daylight!

  2. May every blessing of the season be yours!

  3. Ohhhhhhh yes!

    This is how I feel about the time of deep Winter!

    I don't moan about long nights. I don't jump up and down, about the days lengthening. I don't want to miss this drawing inside time. This almost hibernating time. It is Nature's way of prodding us, to take time off. To slow down.

    Unlike "the world," which never wants us to slow down. Hahhhhhhhh... Keep going 24/7 365 days a year! Produce! Multitask! Cut back on sleep! You might fall behind the pack, if you don't!

    -sighhhhh- I am so happy, to be old enough, to let 'the pack' race by me. To listen to the Wisdom of Nature. To stay in and be cozy and recharge my batteries.

    Thank you, for saying what I feel... For saying it, in such a lovely way.

    Curl up and rest, a while. It does a body good. :-))))))))))

  4. Yes, let the pack run ahead. I am so far behind the pack that their tracks have disappeared and I get to make my own path...but not until March or maybe April. I'll be resting and contemplating!


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