December 18, 2017


"Why, why, why," one would probably ask!

Why in the middle of all the chaos would a sane person decide to paint their bathroom?

"Frankly, Scarlett...," no wait, I don't think that quote is appropriate here, though it was the first one to pop into my head.

Maybe, because there is so much to be worried about and to try to figure out that I really, really, really want something to pop up that I don't "give a damn" about!

Yes, I am painting my bathroom! Cabinets, walls, door and window sill. In the middle of all this 'stuff''!

Several years ago, I painted an ocean bottom scene on the wall above the counter. One of my granddaughters wanted to help. She painted a lovely little mermaid (Millie) who has been swimming behind one of the mirrors. I didn't have the heart to paint over her. She will swim behind the mirrors as long as I live in this house!

Painted by Alaina!

I have paint in my hair, broke three nails and almost fell off of the toilet while cutting in the top of the wall and I am loving it! Nothing like working hard, sweating, climbing up and down, slipping on plastic, and adding more dabs to my painting clothes.

There are many choices we have for self-medicating. I could get drunk, get stoned, eat a pizza and cheesecake and a fried baloney sandwich or I can be creative.

Creative works for me! Pandora in the background, brush in hand, truly beats banging one's head against the wall, besides, I didn't have any baloney!

It's quite the mess right now, but pictures will follow (right after I clean it up and make myself a gin & tonic!).


  1. Replies
    1. Actually, I'm kind of taking the bold out of the house. All my mural are getting painted over, preparing to sell. Next house, I'll go bold again.

  2. Insanity is just fine in my books :) Sometimes a change like this is so cathartic. I'm one person who loves to paint rooms, I know I'm in the minority! :) Gin and tonic also sounds fine! :) Cheers!!

    1. Sanity is over-rated! I love change, so painting is not a problem!


  3. You wanna come over and paint my place next?

  4. do what nmakes you happy! hopefully you have some high-quality gin in the house (no rubbish)?

    1. High quality paint, high quality gin, even the green olives are first rate! You only live once. Life is too short for low grade paint or gin!

  5. I like your approach. Creative works for me, too!

  6. Working with your hands is a wonderful distraction from anxiety.

  7. Hey, if it works, do it! I also enjoy painting. I find it very relaxing and I'm so focused on that work that I think about nothing else. Share some photos when you're done!


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