December 11, 2017

Wanted: Faithkeeper

"In the Native American tradition, one member of the tribe assumes the role of "Faithkeeper." This person's role is to remain at peace, centered in spiritual vision, no matter what events befall the tribe. Even if everyone else in the tribe slips into pain, fear, or disention, the Faithkeeper is the one person the tribe can rely on as a lifeline to the Presence. This is our role now. There is a place within all of us that is always connected to our higher being. That is the place to go to now. Your greatest contribution is your clarity, sense of purpose and vision" ~ Alan Cohen

Big moves in our family right now. Parents are in crisis. Big changes for all of us. My sister, husband and myself are doing all we can... but we sure could use a Faithkeeper! 

Really, really want to go to that 'place within' but someone keeps knocking on the door.

Copyright: Mandala by Toni Tona


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