March 13, 2017

Chain Gang

Spring is definitely here. Eighty-plus degrees yesterday. On it's way to high 70's today!

Am I out tilling the ground and planting?

Am I laying out on a lounge, baking in the warmth while I read a great book?

Am I walking Rex and Lily on the Rivertrail?

No. I am not!

I am still painting bricks!  Will this never end!!!!

I remember teasing my dad, back in his early retirement days, that retirement was for painting rocks white to line the driveway and picking up aluminum cans along the freeway.

Oh, Karma, you are evil!

Don't get me wrong. The freakin' fireplace is looking great but who knew it would take FOREVER to get into all the nooks and crannies of rough brick?  Also, the masons who built the monstrosity  were (apparently) going for a rugged look because the grout is, well, rugged!

Almost done. Probably by the end of the day (if I get away from the keyboard).

As a part of my procrastination technique, I have been checking out new-to-me blogs this morning. Not just putting off the inevitable painting but needed to ice my shoulder after physical therapy this morning. I discovered some real jewels (blogs not ice!). Of course, I forgot to copy the url's to share with you. Maybe later.

Also visited my usual blog tour. Discovered a new word at The View From The Briarpatch. "Eeyoreness" as a synonym for melancholy! Can't wait to use it in conversation.

Discovered that Debra @ She Who Seeks and Martha @ Plowing Through Life are being blackmailed by Leeanna @ Can We Have A New Witch, Ours Melted but the checks or cheques, haven't arrived yet!

"What a world, what a world."

Anne Marie posted her Life Sound Track over at From My Brain To My Mouth. It's a good one. I wonder if I can pre-order the CD at Amazon!

Procrastination over. Time to paint brick...unless I can think of something else to put off the inevitable swipe, swipe, dab, dab, dab!

Have a great Monday, all!


  1. my soundtrack is like me - one of a kind, baby!

    now crack open a bottle of wine and kick back; we have a YUGE snowstorm coming our way tomorrow!

    1. I agree, One of a Kind!

      My daughter and her family live in Worcester, Massachusetts! I'm thinking I'll be passing on the wine and crack open a bottle of Jack Daniels until the storm has passed!

  2. Hey, I didn't know that Martha was being blackmailed too! Oh, that Leeanna is evil. I may take you up on your alibi offer though.

    1. Can't be all that evil if her witch melted!!!!

  3. I'm being blackmailed? Where??? Point me in the right direction...I must see this!

    1. Oops, my bad! It was someone else! Sorry, though I have to say, Leeanna has a pretty good sense of humor.

  4. I want to see what your bricks look like...Why would anyone blackmail bloggers...a prank, perhaps?

    1. Photos to follow!

      The 'blackmail' is just a joke. No worries!


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