March 17, 2017

Oh My, Rex!

As most of you know, Frank and I are in the middle of calming our surroundings. We are painting over wall murals and bright colored walls with neutral colors, eliminating the visual noise!

We have run into another dilemma. While we want our environment to be neutral and calming, we don't want boring. We would like a little bit of color.

Maybe a nice bright slip cover over the sofa. A comfy, soft white duvet cover in our bedroom.


Reximus Maximus Aurelius III, our Border Collie! Rex sheds more hair in one week than all four of our old Labrador Retrievers did in a year. He also loves, loves, loves to rub up against the furniture as he walks by it. I think he does it purposely to display his resentment that we won't buy him a couple of sheep to chase around the yard.

We had to remove the bed skirt in our bedroom. It was either that, or wash it every-other-day. I am not going to lift a king size mattress a couple of times a week just for a fashion statement.

Someone suggested to shave him. Shame, shame, shame. His coat is adorable, as long as it stays on him.

Frank will brush and comb Rex. While they're outside, I sweep the floors and vacuum the rugs.

Two hours later, company coming in for a visit would think we hadn't vacuumed in weeks.

We have three choices:

1.  Make slip covers and bed skirts and vacuum and wash on a daily!

2.  Make slip covers in black to camouflage dog hair....ick!!!

3. Buy a couple of sheep for him to chase around the pool!

Three it is!


  1. Hi Toni - I found your blog via your comment on 'Going Gently' (John Gray's blog) And what's the first thing I see? A beautiful Border Collie! My own beloved dog died 6 months ago and I miss him so much after being companions for 14 years. :(
    It was your comment asking if England was like the areas featured on 'Escape to The Country' which interested me. The rural areas are beautiful - and I live in Cornwall, a magical county that is renowned for its beauty, surrounded on 3 sides by the sea and a very popular tourist destination. But I prefer the quieter times and quieter places here, when the tourists have all gone home again. If you take a look at my blog, you will see why I love this place so much - and if you look further back, you will see my gorgeous dog, Zac.
    I hope you like it enough to become a Follower.
    Best wishes - Rosemary xx

    1. Rosemary, Thank you so much for visiting. The watercolor of Zac is really beautiful.

      I'm really enjoying reading your posts. I will definitely return!

  2. When I was a kid, we had collies. They were outdoor animals only, living in a dog house or kennel all year long. My Dad would stack straw bales around the kennel in the winter for insulation. And remember, this was Canada. In fact, any pets we had were outdoor pets. My Mother did not believe in letting animals in the house.

    1. Our family was just the opposite. Dogs were and still are part of the pack. We just had to wipe paws when King, our Husky/Wolf, came in out of the snow when we lived in Colorado. He also had to stay in the utility room until he were dry.

      When my kids were growing up, the dogs always slept inside but spent most of the day outside with the kids. Of course, the pigs, geese, chickens, ducks, horse and rabbits had to stay outside!

  3. #3 sounds perfect. Those sheep will keep him busy! :)

    1. Except for the municipal codes, it would be an excellent idea!

  4. You could take up patchwork covers for everything, but hairs are just one of the bad points to owning a collie, just count the good points ;)

    1. Thelma, definitely good points are many! He's a good dog. A little hair never hurt anything!


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