March 08, 2017

Sound Track of YOUR Life

Several of us created a soundtrack to our lives in 2008.  I revisited it today to see if much has changed. There are some minor tweaks! Here us is the revised edition.

If there was a soundtrack to your life what would those songs be?

Whether it be classical music, rock or maybe a mix? Play along, please. Copy and Paste and make a Life's Playlist.

If there is a scene in your movie missing from mine please add it, after all, it is your Life and your Soundtrack.

Toni's Life's Playlist...(revised) CD Cover

Art by Toni Tona

Opening Credits:
Rocky Mountain High ~ John Denver

Waking Up Scene:
Its a Beautiful Morning ~ The Rascals

Car Driving Scene:

I Can't Drive 55 ~ Sammy Hagar (okay, that was 8 years ago, pre-retirement)!
2017 Revised Edition: Everlast: Saving Grace  Much more appropriate tempo, and I can use all the grace I can get!

High School Flashback Scene:
Hooked On a Feeling ~ BJ Thomas segue into California Dreamin' ~Mamas and Papas

Nostalgic Scene:

Time In A Bottle ~ Jim Croce 

2017 Update: Steamy Love Scene:
Carlos Santana & Sadao Watanabe ~ Chill Out   (put it on loop...oh man!)

Beach Scene:
Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog

Bitter, Angry Scene:
Draw The Line ~ Aerosmith   Hmm, might have to cut this one from the final CD, except that I really like this song.

Break-up Scene:

Hit The Road Jack ~ Ray Charles 
2017 Revised Edition: Anna Nalick ~ Wreck of the Day

Regret Scene:
Let It Be ~ John Denver ~ 2017, finding less and less regrets!

Nightclub/Bar Scene:
Boogie Woogie ~ Tommy Dorsey
2017 Revised Edition: Cupid~ The Cupid Shuffle (to the right, to the right, to the left...) and Walk It Out...That's right, this Nana can move!!!

Fight/Action Scene: More likely to accompany me running into the grocery store to get those special items when I haven't put make-up on or I'm wearing my sweats without bra and undies!
Mission Impossible.....helloooo!

2017 Revised Edition: Ghost Busters (who you gonna call?)

Saturday Morning/Cleaning the House Scene:
James Taylor's Greatest Hits or Patty Griffin depends on the degree of the mess!

Lawn Mowing Scene: (C'mon, you know there's a mow-the-lawn scene; unless you live in a metro area on the 37th floor or own a goat!)
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynrd Skynrd

Sad, breakdown scene:
Forever Love (Digame) ~ Anna Nalick

Happy Friend Scene:
Playing Boney Fingers on the guitar with my kids singing along

2017 Revised Edition: Yo Yo Ma ~ Bach's Cello Suite #1 (Kids all grown up and scattered)

Dreaming About That-Special-Someone Scene:
Dreamin' of You ~ Selena

Contemplation Scene: (While working with clay or painting my walls)
Unwritten ~ Natasha Bedingfield
2017 Revised Edition: Skyline Pigeon by Elton John

Chase Scene:
The Merry Minuet ~ Kingston Trio 

2017 Revised Edition: no chase scene; let it go!

Happy, Holding Hands, Walking Through The Park Love Scene:
Theme from Tootsie It Might Be You ~ Stephen Bishop ...then more cello music!

Death Scene:
Mil Besos ~ Patty Griffin
2017 Revised Edition: Priscilla Ahn ~ Dream

Funeral Scene: Which, by the way, better be a big party on the lake. Bonfire, steaks, tequila!
Poems, Prayers and Promises and Country Roads ~ John Denver

Closing Credits:
Brown Eyed Girl ~ Van Morrison 

2017 Final Revision:  Bloopers at end of Closing Credits....'cuz there is a plethora of bloopers!!!
Coldplay ~ Paradise,  or, probably more fitting,  Business Time by Flight of The Conchords

What is the soundtrack to your life?


  1. This is such an interesting concept! I think devising such a list takes more brainpower than I have at the moment, but I'm going to keep mulling over the concept. And hey, I'm a John Denver fan too. I miss him. He was gone too soon.

    1. I miss him, too. Poems, Prayers and Promises is truly one of my favorites.

  2. I'mma gonna have to think about this one and post it on my blog!

    1. Cool. Looking forward to it!

    2. I just published my list; I'm all over the map on songs! much like my life!

  3. What a great idea! I think my soundtrack would be a mixture of music, but a lot of it would consist of classic rock tunes.

    1. Would love to know what choices you'd make! I'm sure they would be unique!


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