March 20, 2017

Reveal Day

Joining the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year and today is the Theme Reveal Day.

Nora Roberts, a well-published author wrote, "A great writer chases her heroine up a tree and then throws rocks at her."  Or some words real close to that.
After much, well, some, soul searching, I debated between making my theme for this year's challenge Making Yourself Heard due to the political climate. Not sure of the grammar on that phrase but I am sure that I don't mean Herd, I definitely mean Heard. 

Then I realized that I am fed-up-to-here (imagine my arm is 15 feet tall and I am holding it above my head, fully stretched) with politics.

Then I thought of Ms. Roberts' comment. What a great idea, coming up with 26 Rocks to Throw At A Protaganist Who Is Up A Tree.
Can't wait to start!


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